Best Places to Stay in Tbilisi Georgia – Ultimate Travel Guide

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 Accommodation by Ani

If you have never been to the mesmerizing country of Georgia, we recommend that you start booking your flight tickers tight away. The most visited country of the South Caucasus region is located where Europe meets Asia. The country takes the best of both worlds and offers the unique fusion of the millennia-old traditions and modern international trends. This perfect blend is perfectly illustrated by the accommodation options that the visitors to the capital of Georgia get. The capital city Tbilisi is often compared to Berlin due to its vibrant lifestyle, entertainment, and highly developed infrastructure. Luxurious hotels, quiet getaway spots, and cozy family villas make your stay a truly unforgettable experience.

All the options that you pick for your stay can be booked online either on, Airbnb Tbilisi, or the local accommodation websites. It is totally up to you which type of accommodation you prefer, be it a massive resort in the quiet suburbs, a fancy hotel in the most popular district, or cheap family-friendly apartments and guest houses, Tbilisi has it all. You can select your stay according to nearly every size of your budget. Anything starting from under 20 Bucks to over 200 Bucks per night is possible to find.  Also, it is possible to choose the place to stay according to the sites that you want to visit.  You will find most of the hotels and apartments nearby the main attractions. We will cover the top accommodation options in Tbilisi along with their costs, excitements, and opportunities.

Hotels in Tbilisi under 50 Bucks

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Surprisingly, there are plenty of four-start hotels in Tbilisi that offer stays with the average price of less than 50 US dollars per night. You could easily afford to book a double room at one of the most comfortable hotels in the city at an incredibly cheap rate. Obviously, the price of your stay highly depends on the month and season that you choose to visit Tbilisi. Usually, the busiest periods are from September to November and early Spring. For the low season, you could find several Boutique hotels and the standard 4-star hotels offering luxurious rooms for as low as 25 USD.

For example, if you are looking for the Tbilisi Boutique hotel under 50 Bucks per night then Piano Borracho Boutique Hotel Old Tbilisi (4 Star) and Opera Tbilisi Old Art Boutique Hotel (4 Star) are the best options. The first hotel sits in the old town of the city. Tbilisi old town is the most visited attraction of Tbilisi. The old town features the traditional architecture of 19th-century Tbilisi. You can walk through cozy and glamorous cafes, monasteries, museums, and outdoor markets. On the other hand, you can find Opera Tbilisi Old Art Boutique Hotel on the central avenue of the city – Rustaveli avenue. This is the most modern part of Tbilisi with modern architecture, numerous shopping malls, nightclubs, and museums.

5-star hotels in Tbilisi under 100 Bucks

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Tbilisi is famous for its premial 5 star hotels with the best service and comfort. Usually, these hotels focus on business clients or corporate groups. Therefore, you will hardly find a place to stay there in the busy periods. You will find 5 star hotels mostly overbooked in September and October and during the New Year holidays. Rest of the year, you can get a nice price deal for 2 persons in a double room. Some of them might even offer accommodation below 100 US dollars. The cheapest options for a 5 star hotel stay in Tbilisi are IOTA Hotel Tbilisi and Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi.

IOTA is one of the best hotels in Tbilisi city. It is the most recent concept for travelers looking for luxurious and budget-friendly stays at the same time. The hotel stands right in the heart of Tbilisi. Within 300 meters, you can access Freedom Square, the central point at Rustaveli Avenue. Guests staying at IOTA Hotel Tbilisi can visit numerous popular sites in several minutes walking range. For example, you need a 1 km walk to Rustaveli Theater and 1.2 km to Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Preference Hualing Tbilisi hotel on the other hand received an award as the Luxury City Hotel in 2016. It is also one of the largest 5-star hotels in the country. The hotel offers numerous conference halls, ballrooms, wellness centers, Asian and traditional restaurants, and cozy lounge bars. The guests can also access an indoor swimming pool, gym, and spa pool with hydro massage. However, Preference Hualing Tbilisi location is not among the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi. But is rather a 30-minute drive from the city center.

Luxury Stays in Tbilisi with Perfect Locations

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Tbilisi offers many exclusive options, VIP treats, and luxurious accommodation options for visitors. From wellness and spa resorts to golf clubs and conceptual design hotels, travelers to Tbilisi can find anything for their taste. These accommodation types still offer great value for the price. They offer lower costs compared to similar category options in the rest of the countries. Guests can choose among the Bioli Wellness Resort, Stamba Hotel Tbilisi, ROOMS Hotel Tbilisi, or penthouse accommodations overlooking the whole city.

Bioli Wellness Resort received an award as the Best Luxury Forest Resort. If you are thinking about where to stay in Tbilisi and want to get away from the noise of the vibrant Tbilisi, it is your perfect spot. The resort is located 15 km from the city center of Tbilisi. It stands right in the heart of the recreational zone of Kojori. Bioli resides at 1200 meters above sea level. As one of the best resorts in Georgia, Bioli Wellness Center provides various wellness services. The venue offers diagnostics, health programs, several wellness procedures, functional eating, the entertainment zone, and the most luxurious accommodation in the whole country. The guests can book the Grand Premium Cottage for 500 USD. It is an eco-friendly, two-floor cottage in the forest of Kojori.

Both Stamba and ROOMS Tbilisi are design hotels with unique, authentic concepts. They attract thousands of visitors every month. These hotels unite the traditional Georgian elements and the contemporary trends creating the perfect luxury mix. Stamba and ROOMS hotels are also popular among the local visitors, especially their conceptual cafes and lounges.

The best cheap Hotels in Tbilisi

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In most cases, when the hotel is cheap it compromises the quality of its services. Therefore, the level of comfort is low for visitors. However, that is not the case for Georgian hotels. On the contrary, some of the cheapest accommodation options in Tbilisi are actually the most visited places in the country. The perfect example is Fabrika. It is a multi-functional venue, which has a hotel, bar, shopping and dining areas, co-working space. Fabrika is also a very popular hub for events. There are talks that Fabrika Tbilisi is the coolest accommodation option in the Caucasus. It is best for budget travelers, young tourists, entertainment lovers, and culture enthusiasts.

There are few other cheap options as well including Moxy Hotel Tbilisi (which is a chain hotel of Tbilisi Marriott), Holiday Inn Tbilisi, Royal Inn and etc. Also, there are numerous guest houses in Tbilisi Georgia that offer stays for less than 20 US dollars per night with breakfast included. But, you have to check for the Tbilisi hotel reviews if there is no star rating in order to guarantee your best stay experience.