We love Safaris, as much as we love flora and fauna. In the past, going on a Safari was a cruel activity that involved big game hunt, but not anymore. Nowadays it simply involve animal watching and photography. The journey is usually at least 3 days long.

Most Safaris are animal friendly and help National Parks preserve their animals and flora. There are strict rules on what you can and can not do in a National Park. As the animals who live there are predominantly wild. Safaris are usually trips by tourists to Africa to watch the big 5. However, other trips involving animals can also be called a “Safari”.

In this section we explain how some locations are different from the others and which animals you can see in which spots. We go into details on what the experience is like and what you need to keep in mind when you plan your journey.

Safari Tanzania? Great idea! Learn more about the Tanzanian Safari experience

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 Safaris by admin

In my post about Mount Kilimanjaro I have briefly mentioned that before we started climbing we did a Safari in Tanzania to acclimatise.

And of course to see the big five of Africa.

Do you know what “the big five” is?

The big five is the biggest and the most well know animals of Africa that can be seen on Tanzania safaris.

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