Skydiving is an ultimate activity for all adrenaline junkies. It’s one of the most accessible extreme sports out there. Newbies start with tandem dives and very soon they can experience an individual skydive.

There’s also indoor skydiving for those who want to brush up or upgrade their skydiving skills in a wind tunnel without spending much time for the commute to the airdrome and helicopter rides.

Unforgettable freefall at 120 mph spiced up with breathtaking birds-eye view is what skydivers live for.

There are very few health restrictions. If you’re generally in good health, over 18 years old and weigh less than 240 lbs you’re good to go.

Some skydiving centres also accommodate people with disabilities.

Skydiving in Moab, Utah

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Skydiving by admin

When I was seven years old, I promised myself that there were three things in life that I would never do. These solemn oaths were scrawled in spiky, overlarge handwriting in one of my diaries. The list ran like this:

  • Never wear pink
  • Never eat snails
  • Never jump out of a plane

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