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Bangkok is the biggest city in Thailand and also the countries capital. The city is well famous for its vibrant street life, holy shrines, authentic experiences and fantastic nightlife. Some of the biggest and most beautiful statues of Buddha are found in Bangkok, and it's an absolute must for the first time visitors. There are dozens of temples for you to explore, some of them are the Asia's biggest. Extremely cultural during the day, Bangkok changes colours at night. Endless parties of Kho San Road and night markets make Bangkok spectacular after dark. There are many things you can do in Bangkok, but since it's a big city with a population of almost 8 million people you shouldn't expect any nature or eco tours. Most of the activities around and within Bangkok are entirely urban, with a few exception of rural bike tours to rice plantation. No matter if you choose to do a handicraft workshop, go on a boat tour through Bangkok endless canals or venture into the night on Kho San Road you will be fascinated by Bangkok's lively atmosphere.

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Bangkok Paradise Bike & Boat adventure, ActivityFan
Duration 8h
Price from€ 74.88
Night Bicycle Tour Bangkok, ActivityFan
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Price from€ 26.85
Sunset Canal Tour and Chinatown Walk, ActivityFan
Duration 4h
Price from€ 62.03
Discover Virtual Reality in Bangkok, ActivityFan
Duration 1h
Price from€ 15.54
Riddle of the River - City Hunt, ActivityFan
Duration 3h 30min
Price from€ 53.41
Small Teak Boat Canal Adventure on a Weekday, ActivityFan
Duration 6h 30min
Price from€ 33.77
Lazgam - Laser Tag Game, ActivityFan
Duration 15min
Price from€ 9.89
Holy Tattoo Experience at Wat Bang Phra, ActivityFan
Duration 4h
Price from€ 81.95
Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, ActivityFan
Duration Flexible
Price from€ 22.61
Lemongrass Bangkok Cooking Class , ActivityFan
Duration 4h
Price from€ 42.39
Escape Break's Ghost Ship, ActivityFan
Duration 1h 15min
Price from€ 24.02