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Lanzarote are well known for being the most volcanic island of the Canaries. Walking through this UNESCO biosphere protected land will lead you discovering this lunar-like landscape covered in craters, valleys, solidified lava, canyons and geysers. See for yourself how this 22 million-year-old volcanic presence captures the magic of Lanzarote. This charming place is a land of bold contrasts, from black and gold sandy beaches to the hidden countrysides and lush forests with exotic species. Holiday resorts are nestled near traditional fishing villages living harmoniously together. Lanzarote accommodates all types of explorers. The ecological wonders of Timanfaya National Park for hikers, Chinijo Archipelago Nature Reserve for bird lovers and colourful underwater sea life for scuba divers. It is the best opportunity to take a break from your urban every-day life and enjoy all the surprises this island has to offer.

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Craft Beer Tour in Lanzarote, ActivityFan
Duration 3h 30min
Price from€ 49.00
Photo Tour in the North of Lanzarote, ActivityFan
Duration Flexible
Price from€ 59.00
Fishing  Village  & Toston Tower, ActivityFan
Duration 30min
Price from€ 20.00
OWD Course in Teguise Coast, ActivityFan
Duration Flexible
Price from€ 420.00
North Lanzarote Excursion, ActivityFan
Duration 7h
Price from€ 59.00
Snorkel Guided Tours, ActivityFan
Duration Flexible
Price from€ 45.00
Gliding Through The Best of the Northwest Coast, ActivityFan
Duration Flexible
Price from€ 35.00
Discover Lanzarote Jet Ski Safari, ActivityFan
Duration 2h
Price from€ 180.00