Koh Phi Phi

Friday, April 15, 2016 Uncategorised by Kyle Jenkins

If there is an island in Thailand that everyone knows and talks about it is without a doubt Koh Phi Phi Lee. Koh Phi Phi Islands is an island group located close to Phuket. There are altogether seven islands from which most popular ones are Koh Phi Phi Don (the biggest) and Koh Phi Phi Lee (the island featured in “The Beach”). Koh Phi Phi Don offers accommodation and very vibrant nightlife, while all other islands are well famous for their untouched nature and beautiful cliffs. Some of the most popular activities on Kho Phi Phi Islands include boat trips, kayaking, hiking and diving. There are more than 30 dive sites located within a proximity to Kho Phi Phi islands ranging from wreck dives to beautiful coral reef dives. This area is easily reached within a quick one day boat tour from close by located Phuket and Krabi. Therefore the Islands become very busy during the high season.

places to see in Koh Phi Phi