Krabi Nightlife

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Krabi is a province in Southern Thailand. It is often considered one of the most exciting regions of the country. Krabi’s numerous islands and beaches have endless scenic beauty, and many tourists come all year round to experience this unique gem of Southeast Asia.

Krabi’s tourism boom has led the region to become a hot spot for Thailand’s nightlife scene. The exciting nightlife extends from Krabi’s mainland all the way onto its nearby islands. You will come across countless clubs, bars, and festive parties no matter where you go. We will take a look at some of the best Thailand nightlife found in Krabi.

Nightlife in Krabi Town

Krabi Town is one of the hubs for Krabi nightlife. It is the most popular town in the Krabi region and is home to a vibrant nightlife scene. The Town is known for great entertainment, amazing street food, and cheap drinks. Krabi Town is also known for one of the most popular parties in Thailand.

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Krabi Town Night Markets

One of the most popular nightlife activities in Krabi Town are the night markets. Krabi Town has several night markets that are the perfect place to go for a combination of food and entertainment. The night markets provide hundreds of street food options and outside restaurants. There are also vendors selling clothing and souvenirs all throughout the night. At the night markets, you will find a stage where many local bands and karaoke performances take place. The night markets are usually open all night so you can spend the entire night here or just pass through.

Krabi Town Bars and Clubs

The centre of Krabi Town has bars and restaurants along many of the major streets. All of these venues are open late night and provide great nightlife atmosphere. Each place offers great music and numerous TVs. These are perfect for a relaxing and enjoying cheap drinks all night.

Krabi Town is also a great destination if you are interested in a livelier scene. Most of the town’s bars and clubs can be found right outside of the town centre. Krabi has a strip of larger club and bar venues. Many locals visit these places on any given night to enjoy live local bands and dancing. There are always shows taking place here. You can always expect these places to be full of people looking to have fun, especially on weekends.

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Full Moon Party

One of the most exciting parties in Thailand happens right outside of Krabi on the island of Koh Phangan. The Full Moon Party happens every month on the during the full moon. Krabi Town is a starting place for many people en route to the party. There are tours and buses from almost every hotel that will take you to the Full Moon Party.

The Full Moon party is a beach festival in celebration of the Full Moon. This island is often called one of the best places to view the moon at this time. You will find many outdoor concerts at the large stages set up, beach activities, and enough drinks to last you a lifetime. People come from all over the world to experience the Full Moon Party.

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Nearby Krabi Town

Krabi Town is only just a small sample of the amazing nightlife found in the Krabi region. It is a convenient place to enjoy a variety of nightlife scenes without having to worry about travelling too far. Krabi Town is nearby many islands and beaches that each provide a different Thailand nightlife experience. Some other close-by places that are worth exploring are Ao Nang and Railay Beach.

Ao Nang Nightlife

Ao Nang is located a short distance from Krabi Town. There are many ways to get between the two cities including cabs, shuttles, or public buses. Ao Nang is another very popular city in Krabi with lots of activity at any time. The nightlife in Ao Nang makes it definitely worth visiting.

Bars and Clubs in Ao Nang

Ao Nang has a main road that runs along its beach. On this main road is where you will find a strip of bars and many side streets also filled with entertainment. This is a great area for sitting outside and enjoying the nightlife scene over a drink. The main road is an area with heavy traffic and many pedestrians all night long. The bars that you find along this strip are small and give you a more local experience. There are many options here so you will often see several groups of people scattered among them all.

Center Point

One of the most popular nightlife scenes in Ao Nang is called Center Point. Center Point is an outdoor entertainment complex that comes alive at night. The complex provides entertainment of all kinds, so you will always find something of interest here. Center Point is a multi-level complex that hosts several bars and clubs. These venues are much larger compared to the main strip of Ao Nang, so you will see bigger crowds here. Center Point is also popular for its live entertainment. You can enjoy a live band in one of the bars or can experience a cabaret show at the theatre here.

The Center Point complex is a plaza for almost all forms of entertainment. On each floor, you can discover something new. Explore the sports bars with billiards and TVs showing international sporting events that cater to the tourists. Dancing is popular, and the complex has a few night club options so you’ll surely find music that you can dance to. There are also many lady bars and street entertainers.

Ao Nang Street Life

Most people are seen at the beach in Ao Nang during the day. Night time is when you will see many of these same people walking throughout the city streets. Ao Nang lights up at night and is a great city to explore. It has an abundance of street vendors that typically stay open all night. Many of their restaurants are also open for late night meals. Tourists enjoy walking around Ao Nang for a Thai nightlife experience while surrounded by others looking to accomplish the same thing.

Railay Beach Nightlife

Railay is another favourite destination for great Krabi nightlife. It is located on a peninsula nearby Krabi Town and requires a short ride on a long boat to access it. When you arrive at Railay, you will notice a gulf running directly in the middle of it. Railay Beach consists of two sides: East Railay and West Railay. Each side offers their own unique nightlife experiences.

East Railay Nightlife

East Railay definitely provides more venue options of where you can hang out. There’s a lot of bars and restaurants here with plenty of entertainment going into the night. The nightlife in Railay tends to have more of a laidback beach vibe since the area attracts mainly beach goers. Reggae music is heard in many of the venues here, although it’s possible to find electronic music and other varieties if you look in the right places or come on the right night. Some places have live entertainment as well.

East Railay is a great place to visit if you are looking for a fantastic atmosphere to enjoy your night in. Most of the popular bars here are located along the beach. You will find unique bars built up as tents, and nearly all of them have an open design for you to enjoy the beach while drinking.

West Railay Nightlife

East Railay is where you go for bar fun at night. West Railay is where you go for beach fun at night. West Railay is a popular place to start the night for many people because you will see an amazing sunset along the water. In the night you will also have an amazing view of the moon peaking over the natural cliffs here. As mentioned, the biggest Krabi Full Moon Party happens in Koh Phangan, but West Railay holds their own celebrations for it because of the great view.

The beach in West Railay is always full of people all night. There are many beach parties that happen along the entire beach. These beach parties are most times self-hosted with just a group of friends, drinks, and great music. The beach provides great scenery to make this a one-of-a-kind experience. You will also find many people showcasing fire dancing on the beach as well.

Krabi Islands Nightlife

There are many popular places to experience amazing nightlife on the mainland of Krabi. The Krabi region also includes several islands right off of the shore that are major tourist attractions. Visitors go out to these islands for both day trips and overnight stays. The Krabi island nightlife is definitely one to experience if you have the opportunity. One of the best island groups in Krabi is called the Phi Phi Islands.

Phi Phi Islands Nightlife

The Phi Phi islands are referred to as one of the most beautiful islands in all of Southeast Asia. There are many tours and boats to get you to this island system. You will have an amazing time at any of the Phi Phi Islands, but the liveliest of them all is Koh Phi Phi Island. Koh Phi Phi Island is the largest in the island chain. This means that you have much more nightlife options to fit what you are looking for.

Koh Phi Phi Bars

Koh Phi Phi is a large island and is known for its bars. There are countless bars in Koh Phi Phi that are located along the beach. Some bars have multiple stories and decks overlooking the beach. Other bars are simply just a drink bar situated right on the beach. The entire strip of bars is packed with visitors all night and you will find large crowds everywhere here spilling out onto the beach.

Most of the bars have a dance atmosphere. You will come across both indoor and outdoor dance floors in Koh Phi Phi. All of the bars along the strip are illuminated with festive lights and music coming from everywhere. Koh Phi Phi nightlife is popular because of the cheap drinks and large crowds that are found here.

Some of the bars also have their own entertainment in addition to only great music. One of the popular party tricks here are limbo bars that many party goers take part in.

Koh Phi Phi Beach Parties

There is a blurred line between the bars in Koh Phi Phi and the beach. Most of the popular bars already open out onto the beach. Sometimes, the beach itself is the big attraction for the best Koh Phi Phi nightlife experience. The beach holds many Koh Phi Phi parties and festivals that only add to the fun of the island.

A typical Koh Phi Phi party is a combination of large crowds, loud music, and fire dancers. The beach is a popular place to witness amazing fire dancing skills. It can either be a single fire performer, an entire team that performs various routines, or just freestyle fire dancing.

Electronic music is very popular for Koh Phi Phi parties. If you visit on the right nights, you will see the beach transform into what looks like a giant music festival.

With the combination of the beach and the strip of bars, you have several nightlife options while in Koh Phi Phi.

The province of Krabi is definitely one of the top places to visit for great Thailand nightlife. The Krabi nightlife on the mainland attracts many visitors and gives a great opportunity to not only have fun in a venue but to also explore the cities at night. Some attractions such as the night markets only open up later in the day. Krabi island nightlife offers a different experience but just as fun. Most people touring the nearby islands are seeking a unique environment to have fun in and the islands are perfect for that. The picture perfect scenery will definitely create a long lasting memory and make you want to return to Krabi to experience it all again.