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Mallorca is an amazing island to explore by the sea.

I already wrote a post on “Everything you ever wanted to know about Mallorca charter boat tours and coastal points of interest” summarising information on all coastal excursions available on Mallorca.

So this time:

I will talk about private boat rental on the island.

Obviously, having a boat to yourself is slightly different from joining in on an excursion. And of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages to that approach.

Advantages of renting a private sailing boat:

  • You can plan your own journey
  • You can decide on the duration of the trip
  • You can choose points of interest to visit
  • You won’t have to share the deck with anyone else (the sun or shade is all yours!)
  • If you are a big group, it can be the same price or sometimes cheaper than a usual excursion.

As there is always another side of the coin, here are some disadvantages of renting a private charter:

Disadvantages of renting a private sailing boat:

  • If you are a small group, it is definitely more expansive
  • Availability might be an issue during the peak season
  • Sometimes you will have to pay for the fuel

With all of the above said, some occasions truly require a private yacht charter.

If you have a stag or hen party, planning on proposing to your loved one or simply thinking about cruising through the Mediterranean for a couple of days:

A private boat hire is a must!

I spent some time coming up with a private Mallorca sailing companies list so you won’t have to.

Here is my list:

Mallorca Boat Rental Companies

First things first, each boat you will be sailing with should be insured; otherwise I would question the company who rents it out.

Secondly, most of the time the fuel will be included in the price. If it’s not, I will mention it.

Thirdly, some boats that can carry a maximum of 6 people will not require you to have a license and I will also mention them separately.

Finally, when a port has more than one private charter company to offer I will present the information in a form of a comparison table.

Now let’s start:

Same as with the excursions you will have to choose a company based on your location on the island.

So feel free to simply skip to your homeport below.

Cala Figuera and Portopetro

I was only able to find one company in Cala Figuera and Portopetro.

With that being said:

There are quite a few companies available in the surrounding areas of Southeast, including Porto Cristo and Cala D’or.

Nonthtless, Cala Figuera and Portopetro are lucky to have Red Star Tours.

Red Star Tours offers kayak hire, rib boat hire and standard boat hire.

Kayaks are available in Cala Figuera only. But we are here to talk about the boats:

The Portopetro private rib boat costs €200 for the whole day and carries a maximum of 4 people. You can get it for less if you are planning a half-day or a few-hour trip.

The Cala Figuera rib boat costs €275 for 2 hours or €375 for 3 hours and it carries a maximum of 12 people. The boat includes fuel, insurance and a skipper, so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the trip.

Now, good news for fishermen:

The first real sailing boat available with Red Start Tours in Cala Figuera and Portopetro carries fishing equipment on board. So you can go fishing!


You can rent it to go to Cabrera (an 8-hour trip for €700 or simply rent it for a full day for €600 or a half day for €350).

Lastly, you can rent a sailing boat with kayaks, food, drinks, snorkelling equipment, 12 people rib boat and 2 crew members for €1500, or go for a cheaper option without kayaks and drinks and with a 4-people rib boat for € 1000 a day.

Port de Pollenca:

A truly amazing place, just look at this photo:

Porto de Pollenca

With loads of yacht and boat hire available:

Company Name Boat Type Maximum number of people Inclusions Price
Tudor Dawn Sailing Charter Sailing boat – 15 meters Brigantine Schooner built to a classic design in 1980 in Kent 12 Picnic lunch and drinks, 2 Paddle Boards and a Floating Air Bed which are super fun to play on when anchored


Full Day: €1070

Half Day: €650

Sunset: €650

Gran Atalaya Sailing


Classic sailing ketch with 2 masts, 22 meters long 10 Standard packages includes:


Welcome snacks, refreshments, beers and wine, middle trip typical appetiser and snorkelling equipment.


Prestige package adds:


Kayaks and paddle surfs as well as music, spirits, coffee and boat inside use.


Plus the trip lasts an hour longer.

Full Day:

Standard: €900 Prestige: €1’250

Half Day:

Standard: €550 Prestige: €750


Standard: €650 Prestige: €800

Additional water sports equipment:

  • water skis
  • wakeboard
  • donut
  • banana

Full Day+ 350€

Half Day: + 250€

Kids under 5 get a 50% discount and kids under 1 go for Free.

North Mallorca Charters There are different boats available with North Mallorca Charter:


· A sailing boat

· Speed boats ideal for water sports

· Beginner’s speedboats that don’t require a license and that can be rented without a skipper.

From 2 to 12 depending on the boat If you are hiring a sailing boat you will get:

  • Aperitif
  • Beer and wine and soft drinks

If you required special menus for full day trips can be arranged as well as cakes for birthdays.


On Speedboats all water sport equipment is included.





North Mallorca charter price is based on the amount of people sailing.

Sailing boat:

Full Day:

  • 6 people: €750
  • 8 people: €800
  • 10 people: €900
  • 12 people: €1000

Half Day:

  • 6 people: €450
  • 8 people: €500
  • 10 people: €600
  • 12 people: €700


  • 2 people: €250
  • 6 people: €400
  • 8 people: €500
  • 10 people: €600
  • 12 people: €700

Speed Boats:

Ambar (max 8 people):

  • Full Day: €450
  • Half Day: €350

Zafiro (max 8 people):

  • Full Day: €375
  • Half Day: €300

Onix (max 6 people): 

  • Full Day: €300
  • Half Day: €225

Beginners Speed Boats (4 available at the same price, maximum 4 people): 

  • Full Day: €150
  • Half Day: €120
Tina Sailing Charter A classic sailing boat 10 Includes drinks (soft, beer and wine) and a buffet. Full Day: €950

Half Day: €600

Sunset: €600

Funny Boats Speed boat




Snacks and soft drinks, snorkeling equipment and doughnut-rings. Lunch and cava is included in the Sunset trip or can be arranged for an additional cost for other trips.



Low Season (April, May and October):

  • Full Day: €490
  • Half Day: €300
  • Sunset: €250
  • Fishing: €460

High Season (June, July, August, September):

  • Full Day: €580
  • Half Day: €380
  • Sunset: €250
  • Fishing: €460

See how I only cover boat companies who offer either no license needed sailing boats or will rent you a boat with a skipper?

Still, I think it’s worth mentioning that some of them will be able to rent you their boat without a skipper if you have a sailing license.

Let’s move on to the list of companies available in Alcudia.



Sunset in Alcudia 

Company Name Boat Type Maximum number of people Inclusions Price
RozaMar Classic Dutch ketch 10 Light lunch and snorkeling equipment. Soft drinks are included in the price, however you will need to pay more for the alcohol.


Full Day: €750

Half Day: €450

Sunset: €500

Fishing Mallorca Rodman 1040 Fisher with full fishing electronics



Maximum 4 fishermen and 2 observers

on the fishing cruises. 9 people maximum for a sea trip.


Family fishing trips include special reel for kids and life jackets. Private cruises include drinks, snacks and snorkel equipment. Fishing cruises include fishing equipment and bait.



Fishing Trips:

  • Bottom fishing/ Light trolling: 4 hours €550
  • Family fishing: 4 hours €550
  • Family fishing: 3 hours 400 euros
  • Big Game chumming for giant Bluefin tuna and Swordfish: 7 hours €950 euros

Private cruises:

  • 4 h: € 500
  • 7 h: € 850
  • 1 Day Cruise to Menorca 10 h: € 1200

Cala d’Or:

There is only one company available in Cala d’Or, however similarly to Cala Figuera and Portoperto you could possibly book in the surrounding areas.

Vita Bel offers sunset tours, day charters and a weekly hire and hosts a minimum of 6 guests and a maximum of 12 guests.

Official price quoted for the day tour is €130 per person, but you can enquire for a group offer.

The sunset tour lasts for 6 hours and includes a BBQ dinner. I don’t know about the price of the sunset tour. But indicatively the shared charter is €125 per person.

Lastly, you can hire Vita Bel for a week!

Wouldn’t it just be amazing to sail through Mediterranean with your close ones for the whole week?

The price in low season is: €2200 a week.

The price in April, May, October and November is: €3000.

For a weekly hire Vita Bel will carry a maximum of 6 passengers.

The boat is not available for weekly hire in the peak season.

Palma de Mallorca:

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

Company Name Boat Type Maximum number of people Inclusions Price
Oasis Catamaran Catamaran & a speed boat 45 for Catamaran

12 for a speed boat

On Catamaran all food, drinks, kayaks and paddleboats are included in the price. Catamaran:

Low Season (Jan-May, October-December):

  • Full Day: €1’190
  • Half Day: €1’690

Mid Season (June, September):

  • Full Day: €1’490
  • Half Day: €2’090

High Season (July, August):

  • Full Day: €1’690
  • Half Day: €2’490

Speed boat:

1 hour: €660

2 hours: €880

More than 2 hours: €1030

Smile Boat Rental 2 rib boats and one 5 meter long speed boat 6 people for the sailing boat and 8 and 12 people for the two different rib boats Nothing is included in the price. Skipper costs €150 more and fuel will need to be paid when the boat is returned. However you will be charged a €600 warranty. Rib boat (6 people):

Low Season (Jan – May, Sep – Dec): 

  • Full Day: €200
  • Half Day: €120
  • 2 Days: €360
  • Week: €980

High Season (June – August):

  • Full Day: €250
  • Half Day: €150
  • 2 Days: €400
  • Week: €1’225

Rib boat (8 people):

Low Season (Jan – May, Sep – Dec):

  • Full Day: €250
  • Half Day: €150
  • 2 Days: €400
  • Week: €1’250

High Season (June – August):

  • Full Day: €290
  • Half Day: €170
  • 2 Days: €465
  • Week: €1’450

Rib boat (12 people):

Low Season (Jan – May, Sep – Dec):

  • Full Day: €390
  • Half Day: €245
  • 2 Days: €625
  • Week: €1’900

High Season (June – August):

  • Full Day: €450
  • Half Day: €290
  • 2 Days: €720
  • Week: €2’200
Sailing Trips Mallorca 10,5 meter sailing boat Bavaria 32 Cruiser 8 Food and snacks as well as soft drinks and beer. Full Day: €660

Half Day: €450

Sunset: €390

Lets move to the west coast now and explore what Port de Soller boat charters have to offer.

Port de Soller:

Company Name Boat Type Maximum number of people Inclusions Price
Bonnie Las Charters A sailing boat Bonnie Lass was built in 1949 in Scotland it’s a truly beatified boat made of pitch pine oak. 8 Food, drinks and snacks, as well as various entertainments. The crew of Bonnie Las would gladly teach its guests navigation and other sailing techniques. The prices are available per person although it would be a private rental with minimum of 6 people.

Mid Season (Jun-Sep):

  • Full Day: €150 pp
  • Sunset Charter: € 65 pp.

High Season (Jun-Sep):

  • Full Day: €170 pp
  • Sunset Charter: € 75 pp.

Bonnie Las also offers SUP Safari and an overnight charter to Ibiza that you would need to enquire about.

Maverick Sea Grand Banks 42 a 13.8 meter sailing boat. 12 Includes snacks and drinks, as well as overnight stay when you book a 2-day trip. All fishing charters include fishing equipment and the bait. Low Season:

Standard tours:

  • Half Day: €500
  • Full Day: €800
  • Week: €4’800

Big game fishing 2 days: €1’500

High Season:

Standard tours:

  • Half Day: €700
  • Full Day: €1’200
  • Week: €7’200

Big Game fishing 2 days: €2’400

The prices for the usual fishing charter are the same as the boat charter prices.

Dream Done Menorquin 120 flybridge, a 12-meter sailing boat. 10 All trips include snorkels, welcome cocktails and snacks. A full day trip also includes lunch. Full Day: €1’100

Half Day: €600

1 hour: €350

There are quite a few rental companies located in Port de Soller. I’ve decided not to include them, as all of them require sailing license.

But if you do have a license, some of the companies above do offer a licensed hire.

Porto Cristo & Cala Bona:

Porto Cristo

No matter how hard I searched I’ve only found one private charter worth mentioning in Porto Cristo.

And the winner is…Roda Boats.

Although, Roda Boats is slightly different from the companies listed before they are definitely worth the attention of adventure seekers.

They are one of the companies that rent out boats without license and they have 4 license free boats in Porto Cristo and 3 license free boats in Cala Bona.

The cheapest boat is €70 per 2 hours (+€20 for fuel), €120 for 4 hours (+€30 for fuel) and finally 8 hours cost €200 (+€40 for fuel). The boat can carry a maximum of 6 people and the rest is up to you.

The stronger boat is a bit more expensive and is even suitable for water-skis. It costs €190 for 4 hours (+€60 for fuel) and €280 for 8 hours (+€80 for fuel). Waters skies cost an additional €25 for a day.

Roda Boats also offers license boats with the following specs: one 6 meter boat with 70ps, one 7 meter boat with 200ps and one 8 meter boat with 80ps and a sailing yacht of 7 meter.

It is also possible to rent a jet ski if you are the adventurous type. 

I spoke with Roel Veenman (one of the owners) and he explained that Road Boat’s main focus is in safety and comfort:

“We focus on comfort and safety, next to the usual safety equipment our boats are equipped with GPS trackers, all have a spare fuel tank, have special railing for easy entrance and the anti-slip teak deck. Our 8 meter boat (type Balt 818) is suited specifically to families.”


It’s a great opportunity to be a captain for a day! So what else do you need?

Our next port of call is Port d’Andratx.

Port d’Andratx:

There are two companies available in Port d’Andratx.

Company Name Boat Type Maximum number of people Inclusions Price
Katamaran Club Mallorca Voyage 44 catamaran Minimum 2 people maximum 12 people. This sailing trip truly includes everything: food, drinks, snacks, snorkelling equipment and even towels. The prices are based on the amount of people attending.

  • Full Day: from €1’240 to €2’440
  • Half Day: from €825 to €1’625
  • Sunset: from €480 to €880.
Sin Rumbo Mallorca Offers 5 different boats 12 Would only be suitable for Spanish users, as they do not provide any English details

Calonia de Sant Jordi:

Calonia de Sant Jordi has many shared boat services to offer. However, in terms of private charters I recommend you go with Caragol Charter.

The price is reasonable and they will gladly take you on a short 2-hour tour, half-day tour, full day tour or even to the Cabrera National Park which will cover Es Port, Sa Platgeta, Es Burrí, Cova Blava.

The Caragol Charter prices are as follows:

  • Short Tour (2 hours): €162
  • Half Day (4 hours): €260 + Fuel
  • Full Day (7 hours): €360 + Fuel
  • Tour Cabrera (7 hours): €420 + Fuel

Can Pastilla:

PX Boats offers all usual types of trips on Mallorca including half day, full day and sunset charters.

The half day costs €500, the full day costs €850 and the sunset tour costs €450.

The sailing boat is 14 meters long and can host a maximum of 10 people on board.

PX boat skipper will gladly share his secrets with you and perhaps will even allow you to be the captain yourself for a little bit.

This is it for my list of companies that provide a private sailing charter services in Mallorca based on location.

You might be wondering:

What if we are a bigger group or want to host an event as big as a wedding.

Well, if you are looking for one, look no more!

Segel Event will help you with bigger parties. The biggest boat they offer can host up to 200 people.

Now that’s a lot!

Don’t worry; they have boats of all sizes and shapes and almost in every port on Mallorca. No matter if you are looking for a private yacht or a party catamaran. Just make sure you book in advance.

Hope this guide will help you find the private boat or yacht you are looking for.

So now all you have to do is sail your day away!

If you provide private charters on Mallorca and I didn’t mention you, please contact me straight away and I will review your offer.

My next post will be on the best cycling and mountain biking Mallorca, so stay tuned!

and do something amazing today!