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Menorca is a natural oasis in the Middeteranian Sea, where nature and culture, old traditions and modern lifestyle converge century by century. Just like its sister island, Ibiza, it also has the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation due to its flora, fauna, landscapes and the traces from the prehistoric civilisations. 216 kilometres of its coastline retain white sand beaches, coves and caves being the perfect companions to any water sport like windsurfing, water ski, scuba diving and the sailing, which is one of the signature activities of the Balearic Islands. Its natural diversity is a gift for the travellers who prefer to discover the island by foot, hiking, biking or in by car. A visit to the towns of Menorca is a journey between the past and the present as every corner of the region preserves the immemorial Spanish culture and traditions. Feel the sensation of the time standing still, and the meals taste just as used to in the old times.

places to see in Menorca