Promthep Cape – Best Sunsets in Thailand

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Promthep Cape is the most South point of Phuket. The point is one of the most popular areas of Phuket and for this matter has an iconic status. Due to its location and southern facing views, it offers a picturesque view of the Andaman Sea.

Promthep Cape is also known as the ‘God’s Cape’ and ‘Laem Promthep’.
It is a rocky piece of land that sticks out into the Andaman sea. It has tall cliffs that shape the point of the most southern part of Phuket Island.

Tourist flock here year in and year out to capture some of the finest pictures of sunsets seen in Phuket. Not only do happy snappers come to Promthep Cape for the views, but you will find artists and nature lovers. All of them head to this spot just to soak in the presence of being at the end point of Phuket – the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. Many people believe that Promthep Cape is the best spot in the whole of Thailand for spectacular sunsets.

sightseeing in promthep cape

Promthep Cape – the viewing platform

On a very clear day, you will be able to see the far away Islands from Promthep Cape. Koh Racha Yai and Noi Islands and Phi Phi Islands can all be seen in the distance. It is best to climb up the lighthouse for these views although you can see them from the Cape as well.

The Andaman Sea is usually very calm on good days, and it’s rare to find fog disturbance. Tour boats and fishing boats are a common scene on the Andaman ocean. Due to the amount of Islands that surround Phuket.

How to get here

To get to Promthep Cape, you will either head from the west coast of Kata Beach, coming across the hills. Down through the Soi 7 area of Rawai, or you will be coming from Phuket town, heading from the east side of Rawai. Either way, you will pass Rawai Beach on the east side or Nah Harn on the West side. Promthep Cape is situated on a small hill at the very edge of the Island.

When you visit Promthep Cape, it is a matter of timing as to how busy it will be. During the day, you will see masses of people visiting the Cape. The car park becomes full of tour buses and cars. Peak time is from around 10 am until around 7 pm after the sunset. After the peak time, when all the tour buses have left you will find yourself in a magical place. It’s quietness compared to the daily entourage of tourists is astonishing.

Promthep Cape View

When the stars are out on a clear evening, Promthep Cape can be the perfect spot to star gaze and catch shooting stars. During the monsoon season, the Cape and surround sea can be very rough. It is great to head out to watch the large waves crashing into the side cliff walls of the Cape. The ocean can be very powerful here. The waves will give you an idea of how the Cape itself came to its shape after so many years.

If you are planning to drive up and park at Promthep, it can get quite overcrowded at certain times. Especially for entering and leaving. It is usually best to take a bike, as there is always space for bikes and even bicycles. You will also get there quicker rather than waiting behind a few buses on the busy days. Usually, the car park is pretty well organised, with suitable car spaces, bus lanes, and places to park your bike.

Promthep Cape from the Sea

Promthep Cape has the most fascinating sunset views in Phuket, if not in Thailand. You can come to the Cape from the ground and enjoy the view of the sea. A more sophisticated option is to go to the sea and be a part of the magical process when the Sun unites with the Sea.

Promthep Shrine and Lighthouse

From the car park, you will walk up a set of stairs to the actual viewpoint. Here you will find the main attraction, the Buddhist shrine and a lighthouse. The shrine, which is the Buddhists Altar, is surrounded by brass elephant statues and carvings which give the area a somewhat traditional atmosphere. Occasionally groups of monks can be spotted around the area although this isn’t too often.

Promthep Cape Shrine

This shrine sits upon the top of the Cape and is another focal point where tourists gather taking selfies and group pictures. As expected, there will probably be hundreds of tourists alike interacting in the area, the majority of them with their cameras out. If you haven’t guessed already it is a very camera friendly place.

The very edge of Promthep Cape

There is a small concrete wall that separates the pathway to the actual dirt path leading down to the Cape itself. If you are daring enough to venture to the end of the Cape, it is a rocky, somewhat slippy downhill walk and can be quite dangerous in certain weather conditions so just concentrate on your footing. It is not a very hard walk, only a few hundred metres to the very edge of the Cape. The walk is simply a declined dirt path, that can get slippery in the wet. Caution is always advised, especially on the cliff edges.

Promthep Cape Lighthouse

On your walk down you will see the Promthep Cape lighthouse that is roughly 200ft above sea level. Once on the dirt path near the bottom, you will have excellent all round views, and tends to have fewer people down at the bottom of the Cape as the majority stay at the top, just awaiting the sunset.

Known as Promthep lighthouse, but it is also known as Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse. It is a historical part of Promthep Cape. Back in the old days, history tells us that the lighthouse used to guide mariners sailing to Phuket from Malay. The lighthouse has a small nautical museum inside, full air conditioned and has some historical artefacts displayed. You can walk up the lighthouse. At the top of the lighthouse, you will find a balcony, which is ideal for some more views. On a clear day, you can even see the Islands of Phi Phi and other surrounding Islands. If you plan to visit the Cape, then it is a good idea to check out the lighthouse and all the other attractions for an all round experience.

Promthep Cape Lighthouse

At the lower part of the Cape, you can look back on the Island, or turn around and have the mass ocean beneath your feet. The walk back from the Cape to the concrete footpath can be fairly exhausting due to the nature of how the dirt path inclines and gradients. It’s downhill on the way to the end, and uphill on the way back. Guess it depends on your fitness level, but it is not too demanding for an average person.

Ya Nui Beach and Nai Harn Beach

To the west side of Promthep Cape, you will see Ya Nui Beach and Nai Han Beach. These two beaches are very beautiful. Nai Harn being the slightly bigger beach is one of the best in its location, if not the best. Nai Harn Beach is beautiful, with soft white sands stretching across the bay. On the east of Nai Harn, you will see the mountain side with some very exotic apartments and condos. These all face the top of Promthep Cape, and have ocean views.

Another hot spot for couples for a romantic getaway is Ya Nui Beach. It is located between Nai Harn and Promthep Cape is a smaller, hidden away beach. Again it is beautiful, a little rockier than that of Nai Harn, but with excellent snorkelling and usually fewer tourists.

Rawai Beach

To the right-hand side is Rawai Beach. Rawai beach is a long stretch of beach that can be seen at low tides. In high tides, the water usually ends up right up to the edge of the walls. Many boats and long tail boats usually dock here. Rawai Beach is another hot spot for tour vendors, offering good deals to head over to the neighbouring islands.

Promthep Cape Restaurant

Promthep has a lovely restaurant situated right next to Promthep Cape with fabulous views across the sea. Behind the actual Cape point, to the west, is Pra Prom area, and a few yards from there is Promthep Cape Restaurant. It faces the west side on the hill. You will have a wonderful overview of Nai Harn and Ya Nui beach which is some of the best beaches in Phuket itself. The scenic views on a good clear night are spectacular. The sunsets from the east, and comes down around the corner of the cliffs facing east of Nai Harn most nights. The site and view are both fantastic and romantic. Especially if you are here with your second half.

Seating for 200 people, with 30 tables spread across the restaurant. The seafood here is undeniably fantastic and super fresh! It is usually very busy during peak hours of lunch and dinner time so can sometimes be hard to get seating, especially in high season. You can expect to combine the best views in Phuket with some of the best seafood in Phuket at this restaurant. On top of that, the range of beverages will keep your tastes at bay, serving from some great beers to cocktails to match the tropical climate, and some delicious fruit shakes, and other tropical fruit juices. Pricing here is rather reasonable and standard for a restaurant that is aimed for tourists.

Things to do at Promthep Cape

Aside from heading down the actual Cape itself to the end point on the dirt path, there are quite a few things to do here. Have a blessing or make a prayer at the Elephant Shrine on top of the cape. The bigger Elephants are a symbol of more wealth, and the smaller ones for more prosperity and wishes. Visiting the lighthouse down on the Cape, taking a mini-tour of the museum situated in the lighthouse. Snapping photographs of the statue of Prince of JumBorn, son of King Rama V. Having an exotic seafood dining experience at the Promthep Restaurant, or just taking in nature itself.

Promthep Cape has some nice tourist shops situated opposite the car park set out in a row. You will find a mini mart, and a few souvenir shops, and some beach type shops. Quite a few of the shops sell a range of beach equipment (being near the beaches on both sides of the Cape, and some clothing. Local souvenir shops selling T-shirts, Promthep Cape branded hats, wallets, cups, literally all sorts.

Along the stretch that leads up to the carpark, there are many local street vendors. These vendors sell a range of street food. Primarily, finger food, and drinks consisting of fruit shakes, coconuts and Ice cream. Moreover,
there are also a couple of small tour outlets that offer excursions to the nearby locations. Places like Rawai beach to Banana Beach, Banana Island, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, and the Koh Phi Phi Islands. Be careful, usually those tours are over priced and you are much better of purchasing online.

places to see in promthep cape

All in all, Promthep Cape has a good variety of small shops all lined up together that you can explore and test out your haggling techniques.

Many bus tours circulate Phuket and will take you on tour around the coast of Phuket. Therefore, all of these bus tours will stop at some point at Promthep Cape.

Aside from the mentioned, it is a sightseeing destination, and you won’t find activities or accommodation on the Cape itself. The nearest towns Rawai, and Kata are very good for accommodation and activities, and a lot more.

Promthep is easily accessible so there is no need to head over on tour bus if you are close to the area. Tours usually are short, and if you are an artist and fancy drawing the magnificent landscape, then it’s definitely best to make your own way up to the Cape.

A sunny day or a stormy day, Promthep Cape can show what nature’s force is about. Just remember to take your umbrella. Being at the end of Phuket, at the top of a hill, you should not head down the Cape on the rocky paths if it’s rainy or windy. It can get very windy up there as there is no coverage from anything.

If you are looking for one of the best scenic views Phuket has to offer, then Promthep Cape without a doubt on a clear day is a must to visit.