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Thursday, January 21, 2021 Life and Culture by Kyle Jenkins

We have all heard from our friends or colleagues at least once that they dream of visiting the magnificent country of Thailand. Most of us are already familiar with the perks and joys associated with travel in this exquisite corner of the world. However, there are people wondering what is there in Thailand that attracts millions of people each year no matter the season? Well, it could be the pristine beaches, exotic culture, tremendously delicious food, magnificent temples, the hedonistic lifestyle, or anything else. The bonus is the low travel cost, hospitable people, and the unique, colorful history along with a lot of hidden gems to be discovered.

One could simply never stop listing the reasons why you should get the tickets to Thailand right now as the destination is indeed bizarre, tranquil, and overly exotic. Out of the numerous reasons why the country has been in the spotlight recently we are going to describe the few major features of Thailand that keep the tourists going crazy over the destination.

Fascinating Thai Cuisine

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People say that Thai cuisine closely resembles the culture of the country as it is very warm, refreshing, and relaxed. Thai food is characterized by strong and aromatic spice elements. However, the kitchen varies from region to region. The cuisine is dominated by fresh and local ingredients such as pungent lemongrass, plump seafood, and searing chilies. The taste of the dishes is also significantly diverse as it can be anything from spicy or sour to sweet or salty.

The best thing about the exotic Thai cuisine is that apart from being extremely delicious it is also surprisingly cheap. The food is accessible on food vendors in the street, as well as at hotels and resorts. Furthermore, there are special gastronomic tours for food enthusiasts to try out noodle shacks in Bangkok, seafood in Phuket, and Burmese market stalls in Mae Sot. Tourists can even sign up for the local food masterclasses and learn to cook Thai dishes themselves.

The glorious beaches of Thailand

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We can’t hide the fact that most people choose Thailand for its postcard-perfect tropical islands and pristine and turquoise waters. The coastline stretches over 1,500 miles and is full of slinky stretches of sand. The most notable beaches are located on Koh Kradan island and in Phuket – Sunset Beach and Freedom Beach. Many people actually decide on beach hopping rather than sticking to a single beach during the whole vacation, which is in fact recommended to get the most out of Thailand’s treasury coast.

Phuket is an all-famous international resort with numerous five-star hotels and boutique accommodations scattered all over its beach. Apart from the exceptional paradise-like beaches, Phuket offers hedonistic parties and high-class spas as special treats for its visitors. If Phuket is too overcrowded for your perfect getaway then Ko Kut is an ideal spot for you. The water aquamarine and long, wide beaches with numerous hidden waterfalls constantly manage to impress and astonish the viewers of Ko Kut.

Glittering Temples

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Thailand is essentially the country of temples. Buddhism is all about temples and therefore there are numerous incredible monuments to be found in Thailand. The sightseeing tour can be arranged almost in every part of the country be it in Bangkok, in Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, or the historical park of Sukhothai. The most notable 46 meters long reclining Buddha temple Wat Pho is located in Bangkok. This impressive temple with gold leaves is attracting millions of international tourists every year.

Ayutthaya is a unique place with a number of renowned temples located in the area. Wat Phra Sri Sanphet temple has been a model for the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok. It is considered the most important site of the region. Another spot worth visiting in Ayutthaya is Wat Mahathat temple which is the Buddha head entwined within the roots of a tree. This temple is often thought of as the symbolic image of Thailand. In the north of the country, in Chiang Mai, tourists can climb the 300-step staircase by the monument which opens up an exceptional view of the whole place.

The Lush Jungles

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The wildlife of Thailand deserves an honorable mention when discussing the incredible features and attractions of the country. Thailand is home to numerous national parks and mountainous terrains. There are several notable parks that accommodate wild bears, tigers, and even elephants. The monkeys are no surprise in Thailand as they can be found at most of the beaches of the Thai resorts.

The dense forests and waterfalls amaze every kind of traveler and offer the visitors exceptional adventure through the famed lake of Khao Sok to the hill tribe treks within the jungle at Chiang Mai. Most of the tourists choose cycling tours here and they are right to do so! The views all over the place are truly breathtaking and should be examined and explored closely.

Similan Islands Marine National Park furthermore provides the best diving experience in the region. The national park lies 70 kilometers offshore from Phang-Nga province. It is a heaven-like gateway with bright-aqua water, beautiful, white beaches, and the rainforest on top of it. This is the place where you can explore and observe the life of whale sharks and manta rays.

Nightlife and Entertainment

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What many people don’t know about Thailand is the enthralling entertainment and club culture making it one of the most vibrant nightlife spots in the world. Its party scenes especially if the venue is the beach is a world-renowned experience with full moon parties, karaoke bars, foam parties, beach sidebars and so much more. Some of the venues actually offer exclusive events and shows. For instance in Phuket at FantaSea tourists can visit the show of elephants performance, trapeze artists, and live animals. Such a colorful extravaganza can be found in few other locations in Thailand, as well.

In Bangkok, there are luxurious dinner cruises on the Chao Praya River which attract the attention of various tourists. The cruise takes you through the glittering temples along the River of Kings while enjoying the lavish meals depicting the soul of the country. On Phi Phi Islands we recommend that you head to Carpe Diem, a place where you can enjoy the best of Thai cuisine during the at and join the vibrant party at night. Most famously the bar often hosts exciting fire shows for its customers.

Unique culture and traditions

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Thailand has undoubtedly one of the most remarkable cultures. The traditions are not solely based on Buddhism as many believe so. Locals in Thailand have a diverse outlook on many common ideas and they have some extraordinary beliefs that astonish the visitors. For instance, Thai people believe in ghosts and it is not a joke. All of the local houses have their own spirit houses and the location of the spirit house is chosen by a monk on the inauguration day.

The art in Thailand was pretty much influenced by Buddhism only resulted in millions of artworks depicting Buddha. The temple art and architecture derive from the ancient Siamese architectures, however, the contemporary style has also entered the Thai culture recently.

One of the most unique and distinguishing features of Thai people is the absence of negative emotional display. Meaning that you will rarely find a Thai person who expresses anger, annoyance, or sadness even. They have accustomed to reserving their negative feelings and not showing them in public. This is why you will often hear the phrase “mai bpen rai” from Thai people which means “no worries”. You want to visit Thailand but the pandemic does not let you to? – mai bpen rai, you will visit soon

What are you waiting for?

There is no other place full of surprises and exclusive treats, with mesmerizing landscapes and unparalleled cuisine, hedonistic culture and the warmest people, antique history and traditions along with the vibrant nightlife and contemporary trends, it is only in Thailand where one can find the true joy in the most exotic Thai life. In contrast to many luxurious and high-class destinations or retreats, Thailand is indeed affordable for almost every kind of traveler. Except for the flight tickets, accommodation, transport, food, and even shopping goods are available at the cheapest price within the whole region. Book your flight and stay in one of the mesmerizing spots in Thailand and experience the brand new exotic world!