What to Do in Grenada? Water Activities!

Monday, October 24, 2016 Canoeing and Kayaking by admin

Water is everywhere you turn in Grenada and it’s clear hues and cool temperatures are one of the major lures of the Spice Isle. Venture toward the coastline and beaches plucked right out of postcards will compel you to spend an entire day doing nothing but soaking up the sun and cooling down in the gentle blue surf. Head inland and cascading rivers and emerald green waterfalls will entice you take a relaxing dip or a rejuvenating water massage.

There are so many options to choose from that you can’t possibly fit it all into one visit. If time is limited, here are 5 water-based activities you should definitely experience while you’re on the island.

Go Tubing along the Balthazar River

Lined by towering trees that provide much-needed shade and spotted with large boulders throughout its course, the Balthazar River is perfect for tubing. Whether the water is high or low, there are ample obstacles and rapids to offer you a fun, bumpy ride with intermittent periods of smooth sailing. Spin and twirl to the river’s unique rhythm and enjoy swimming breaks at various pools along the way!

what to do in Greanda

Find Entertainment or Isolation on Hog Island

Hog Island offers two disparate experiences. Pick your poison. If beach bars and blowouts are your thing, hop a boat from Woborn to the island on a Sunday when Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar stocks its shelves and gets the party started. Every other day of the week, the excitement dials down to zero, and you might be lucky enough to find yourself there all alone on the small L-shaped strip of white sand beach with only seaweed and abandoned conch shells for company.


Make the Trek to Royal Mount Carmel Waterfall

Royal Mount Carmel Waterfall is the perfect compromise between waterfalls that require a long, arduous hike and those you can access by car. Getting to Royal Mount Carmel requires a short trek of about 15 minutes, depending on your pace, through a slightly overgrown path. There are a few ups and down along the way but nothing too strenuous. You’ll see the stream rippling by and you’ll hear the thunder of the falls before the greenery opens up to reveal your destination. The view will be well worth it and the many rocks at its base are perfect for taking a seat and allowing nature to give you a therapeutic massage.

What to do in Grenada

Dive at the Underwater Sculpture Garden

When it comes to diving Grenada has it all, from wrecks to reefs, walls to drop-offs, natural to manmade. Each site offers a wide variety of colorful marine life and the kind of visibility divers adore but the Underwater Sculpture Garden at Molinere Bay is a personal favorite. The artificial reef has been colonized by fish, corals, and sponges and it features over 65 original sculptures from British artist, Jason deCaires Taylor along with other local sculptors. The site’s maximum depth is 12 meters, making it a popular destination for not only divers but experienced snorkelers as well.


What to Do in Grenada After You’re Done with All the Above: Spend the Whole Day at Grand Anse Beach


Kayaking, stand up paddle, banana boating…or nothing at all. Grand Anse hosts a range of watersports for those who like to keep moving, as well as a perfectly good stretch of white sand for those who prefer to take things a little slower. With nearby restaurants and bars for food and drinks, as well as beach chair rentals to optimize your comfort, it’s the ideal all-day beach for solo travelers or groups with different interests.