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Crowned as the ‘Eternal Spring Island’, Tenerife boasts remarkable contrasts and diverse landscapes. The combination of pleasantly sunny weather, unique beaches, grand mountains and an oasis of deserts have made it one of the most desirable places in all of Europe. The coast stretches close to an impressive 300 kilometres, offering a tremendous variety of experiences one can enjoy. The soft, black volcanic beaches are truly a one-of-a-kind way to unwind and soak in the Tenerife rays. The extensive range of watersports and boat tours has got all you thrill seekers out there covered. The island’s proximity to Africa has made it one of the most well-known diving spots in Europe. Dolphin and whale tours are a fabulous way to observe the colourful display of marine life in a more comfortable setting – suitable for ages! From sea to land, El Tiede, Spains highest mountain, offers breathtaking hiking and trekking routes. The volcanic elements combined with tropical flora have sowed an absolute paradise for nature lovers – big and small. The sheer abundance of vibrant parks this island boats invites trekkers and mountain bikers alike to experience all that Mother Nature has to offer all year round. There is much to discover on this enchanting island. The river of fascinating history intertwined with authentic Spanish traditions will have you appreciating the rich culture seen from everywhere you turn. Come and join the fiesta with Tenerife’s main celebration ‘The Carnaval’ being only second to Río! And lastly, how can one forget the exotic style of its gastronomy. A mix of traditional methods and tropical ingredients will leave your taste buds in an absolute delight!

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Ibiza, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, is a perfect example of a community that knows how to adapt to time changes. Nowadays, it is one of the hottest spots in the world for nightlife, top DJs and smashing parties. In the past, Ibiza has been a Phoenico-Punic settlement. Carthaginians and Roman establishments were also found here during ancient times. Buildings from the Renaissance epoch represent a fascinating legacy of the variety of cultures that left their trace on the island. Throughout the centuries Ibiza has been home for pirates, as well as the habitat for one of the most diverse marine ecosystems. Every traveller leaves Ibiza with a piece of its magical vibe in their heart. And that is due to many reasons: mind-blowing parties, picture-perfect beaches, fascinating coves, amazing nature, and great gastronomy experiences. All these have put Ibiza and its sites on the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage.

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Bangkok is the biggest city in Thailand and also the countries capital. The city is well famous for its vibrant street life, holy shrines, authentic experiences and fantastic nightlife. Some of the biggest and most beautiful statues of Buddha are found in Bangkok, and it’s an absolute must for the first time visitors. There are dozens of temples for you to explore, some of them are the Asia’s biggest. Extremely cultural during the day, Bangkok changes colours at night. Endless parties of Kho San Road and night markets make Bangkok spectacular after dark. There are many things you can do in Bangkok, but since it’s a big city with a population of almost 8 million people you shouldn’t expect any nature or eco tours. Most of the activities around and within Bangkok are entirely urban, with a few exception of rural bike tours to rice plantation. No matter if you choose to do a handicraft workshop, go on a boat tour through Bangkok endless canals or venture into the night on Kho San Road you will be fascinated by Bangkok’s lively atmosphere.

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Koh Phi Phi

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If there is an island in Thailand that everyone knows and talks about it is without a doubt Koh Phi Phi Lee. Koh Phi Phi Islands is an island group located close to Phuket. There are altogether seven islands from which most popular ones are Koh Phi Phi Don (the biggest) and Koh Phi Phi Lee (the island featured in “The Beach”). Koh Phi Phi Don offers accommodation and very vibrant nightlife, while all other islands are well famous for their untouched nature and beautiful cliffs. Some of the most popular activities on Kho Phi Phi Islands include boat trips, kayaking, hiking and diving. There are more than 30 dive sites located within a proximity to Kho Phi Phi islands ranging from wreck dives to beautiful coral reef dives. This area is easily reached within a quick one day boat tour from close by located Phuket and Krabi. Therefore the Islands become very busy during the high season.

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An idyllic paradise awaits those who seek to spend their holiday time getting involved in the ever so addictive marine sporting activities or exploring the UNESCO protected area. See for yourself how this island promotes a balance of sustainable tourism practices from its modern infrastructure to the respect for ecosystems and its local traditions. The island landscape consists of an infinite field of fine, white sand spreading over 340-kilometre stretches of golden shorelines. A consistently warm climate coupled with favourable windy conditions, is the perfect place to be for all you lovers of windsurfing and diving out there! The shallow waters are the most ideal for anyone wanting to try-out or refine their skills on this pristine water including sailing, water-skiing, surfing or even fishing! The west side of the island offers an abundance of outstanding diversity to those who love to explore and immerse themselves in this unique and dramatic coastline. Get your hiking boots strapped on and follow the winding trails which will lead you to hidden spots of unspoilt terrain. The thriving Natura Reserve of Betancuria and the out-of-this-world Tindaya Mountain await your discovery!

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