Best countries open for tourism without quarantine

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 Travel Tips and Hacks by Ani

Despite the ongoing turmoil over the Covid pandemic, some countries have thrown their doors wide open to international tourists. Few viable options are available for those seeking a peaceful getaway amid the curfews, quarantines, and lockdowns. To boost the confidence of travelers many governments have lifted the mandatory quarantine or even PCR testing requirements and have instead concentrated on increased screening measures upon arrival of the tourists. We have prepared a list of all the best destinations for the upcoming months with flexible travel conditions. So, where can you travel during Covid?

No one is surprised by the presence of travel restrictions in a bid to control the spread of Covid. Even if some countries take a liberal approach towards limiting tourism we might still observe a sudden change of the rules where visitors might be forced to adhere to strict curfews or mask mandates. Furthermore, it is still a health risk to travel without being vaccinated or recently have fought the infection. In any case, we present you with the most tourism-friendly destinations where you can travel without quarantine, covid passports, or additional limitations.

The Maldives

 countries open for tourism 2021

The Maldives are the favorite Ocean islands of luxury travelers. Especially, during the global lockdowns these Indian Ocean islands have been ambitiously presented as the best laid-back and idyllic destination for international tourists. However, it is not that simple. The travelers have to visit an island where at least 60% of the population is vaccinated in order to avoid quarantine. The vaccinated travelers do not need to worry though as they can enter any chosen territory of the region with no PCR certificate requirement. Those without vaccines have to present a negative PCR certificate that has been released no later than 96 hours prior to departure.


Countries open for international tourism

Another favorite destination in the Indian Ocean is Seychelles located nearby the east coast of Africa. The picture-perfect region has been long receiving the tourists never fully announcing a lockdown or closure of the borders. The only requirement for international travelers headed towards this droppingly beautiful archipelago is to have a negative PCR test issued no later than 72 hours prior to departure. There are no quarantine requirements no matter whether you are vaccinated or not. But, the visitors are still requested to get a Health Travel Authorization which serves as insurance covering Covid-related care.


Countries reopening borders

Mexico is one of the friendliest destinations during the Covid pandemic for international travelers. The country has no restrictions whatsoever neither for vaccinated nor unvaccinated visitors. The best thing is that there is no mandatory testing requirement as well in contrast to the rest of the countries open for tourism during Covid. Instead of the quarantine and PCR testing rules, Mexico runs active health screening programs upon the arrival of the guests. If any of the traveler’s exhibit symptoms of Covid they will be asked to either get a test or self-quarantine. However, Cancun and Tulum are in the orange zone, which means that there might appear certain restrictions in these cities at any point. Meanwhile, tourists can freely enjoy hiking the Nevado de Colima, taking a tour over Maya ruins and Mayan Temples, or simply relaxing at any of the famous Mexican beaches.


Countries with open borders

Spain has recently removed some of its travel restrictions for international travelers. Those tourists residing in low infection rate countries can freely visit the country without any further requirement to remain in the quarantine. The citizens of the European Union can also visit Spain without any limitations or requirements. Furthermore, any person who is fully vaccinated with the approved vaccine by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) can travel to the country without PCR testing or quarantine rules applicable. However, there are some ongoing debates among the country officials whether to implement limitations on non-necessary travel or to open up Span for international travel even more.