4 Island Tour – the Best of Krabi in One Day

Monday, September 17, 2018 by admin

Thailand has many attractions, but one of the best destinations is Krabi. Krabi is a region in the southern region of Thailand. Krabi is known for having some of the best beaches in Thailand. There are also numerous island chains located right off the coast of Krabi. These Krabi islands are well known themselves. Many visitors come to Krabi specifically to spend time on the islands. Each of the Krabi islands has its own great beaches to enjoy. These are great to explore if you are interested in taking part in various water activities. Since there are many islands, Krabi offers visitors a special 4 Island Tour. These tours are perfect for getting to see much of what Krabi has to offer all in one journey.

Ao Nang beach

Ao Nang is one of the main beaches along the shore of Krabi. The beach is a short distance away from Krabi Town and is where you will find many of the tours going out to the islands. Many of the long boats and speedboats are docked here because Ao Nang is the closest point in Krabi to depart to the 4 Island Tour. Some destinations are even as close as 15-minute boat ride from here. This makes it more flexible for choosing the perfect island tour that fits within your schedule. Ao Nang is the perfect place for deciding whether you want to stay nearby or venture to islands farther out.

4 Island Tour

The 4 Island Tour is one of the most popular island tours for exploring the Krabi islands. There are several islands to enjoy right off the shores. Some of the more specified tours let you choose an individual island or island chain and takes you directly there in order to have fun for the day. These tours are mainly chosen by visitors who have been to Krabi before and know exactly what it is that they want to do and see.

Most people have never been to Krabi before, and the 4 Island Tour is the perfect solution. The 4 Island Tour will take you to some of the most popular Krabi islands to spend some time at each. Some of the most well-known islands here include Pranang Beach,  Tub Island, Chicken Island and Poda Island. They can be combined with other smaller islands and spots around Krabi in a 4 island tour.

Other popular islands in Krabi include the Phi Phi Islands and Hong Islands, but it’s probably a good idea not to try packing all the islands in a one day tour but rather go see the closest islands first and then spend another in the Phi Phi and Hong islands.

Chicken Island

Chicken Island is one of the most iconic islands near Krabi. It is named for one of the island’s cliffs seen from a distance. The silhouette of the island resembles a chicken. Be sure to have your camera ready when approaching Chicken Island to be able to see the site and determine for yourself.

Chicken Island is perfect to visit for island hopping. On one side of the island is a walkable path to another major Krabi island, Tup Island. You can island hop between the two during low tide. On this side of the island is the main beach and there is a constant flow of people going between them. The beach is opposite of the cliff area of the island, but any boat tour will let you circle Chicken Island. The cliff side of the island is a great location for underwater exploration.

Chicken Island Activities

Chicken Island becomes most people’s favourite after visiting during a day tour. After the cliff shaped like a chicken head is revealed, the Chicken Island fun begins. This can only be seen on this cliff side of the island. There are no beaches here, but it makes it a prime spot for enjoying the underwater world of Chicken Island.

Chicken Island is known for its clear waters. Snorkelling and diving are very popular activities because of the abundance and variety of fish found here. This gives you a great opportunity to swim amongst them. It’s also a great place for photo opportunities of the island. Kayaking around the island is also a popular activity that will take you from the beach to the cliffs and back.

A lot of the water nearby the beach at Chicken Island is very shallow and easy to navigate just by walking. There is still an abundance of fish even in shallow water near the beach. This is also a great place for snorkelling. The beach is also large enough to accommodate big crowds, so it’s plenty of space to enjoy. Chicken Island has a small shop on the island for snacks and refreshments on your tour. Many tours choose Chicken Island for the halfway point, often during lunch time. This will give you enough time to enjoy this island as well as island hopping to the next just by walking.

Tup Island

Tup Island, or Koh Tup, is the neighbouring island to Chicken Island. Many people island hop between these two thanks to the land bridge that gets revealed during low tide. This is a popular stop on a 4 Island tour because of this capability. Tup Island is relatively small compared to other Krabi islands so low tide is the best time to visit in order to take advantage of more of the visible beach. Most of the day tours come here during this time so even though it may be a larger crowd, you’d now have two beautiful beaches to switch between.

Aonang to Tup Island is also a short trip which makes it a great destination along the tour to be able to have more time to enjoy on the island. It can be accessed either by speedboat or ferry service from the mainland.

Tup Islands Activities

Tup Island is a small island, and the beach is the main area of the island. The island shares most of the same characteristics as Chicken Island. You will be able to enjoy clear waters and see plenty of fish life in the shallow waters along the beach. Venturing out further into the water you will be able to enjoy snorkelling. Also, kayaking is available and often done in combination with Chicken Island.

Tup Island is an ideal place for relaxation. The beach here has white sand, and the scenery is amazing. There are a lot of photo opportunities while at Tup Island. Looking out into the water and also views of Chicken Island make this a hot spot for photographers. There is also a great view of the Krabi coastline since it is located so close to the mainland.

The 4 Island Tour of the Krabi islands is a great way to see many of the best beaches in Krabi all in one trip. You will have the rare opportunity for island hopping, giving you a sample of the best destinations in Krabi. A short time at each island is the perfect way to sample each one and find out what attracts so many people to their shores. This day trip is one of the best tours offered in Krabi. There are definitely better times than others to visit particular islands in order to avoid large crowds, high vs. low tide, and even just the best spots for water activities. The 4 Island tour is a great resource for getting the best experience here as possible.

Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands is the largest island chain in Krabi and have the biggest beaches compared to the other islands. There are several methods to reach the Phi Phi Islands from Krabi. There is a daily ferry that makes the trip from Ao Nang to Phi Phi Islands. This ferry runs only once per day and has a return trip in the afternoon. Another method from Krabi to Phi Phi Islands is by speedboat. This is a quicker option and more direct, unlike the ferry which also stops by Railay Beach.

Once you arrive at the Phi Phi Islands, you will immediately see why it is so popular with tourists. The tours arriving here allow for plenty of time to explore much of what they have to offer. The Phi Phi islands are known for their white beaches, incredible natural landscape, and water activities.

Phi Phi Islands Activities

There’s a good chance that most of your time will be spent on the beach while at the Phi Islands. The Phi Phi Islands have some of the best beaches in Thailand. You find several large beaches around the island chain, especially on Koh Phi Phi. The beaches are relaxing and provide great scenery looking out into the water. Phi Phi Islands takes advantage of the beautiful water by letting guest experience it in a variety of ways. Some of the water activities that you can take part in here include snorkelling, diving, and kayaking. The clear blue waters are perfect for witnessing the underwater life at the Phi Phi Islands. Kayaking will also give you a great opportunity for island hopping around the Phi Phi Islands.

The Phi Phi Islands also has plenty for you to do outside of the water. Most people come to the Phi Phi Islands to sunbathe on the beach. The islands have several bays with plenty of room to lay out the entire time you are here. The Phi Phi Islands beaches have a range depending on your interest. If you are looking for a quieter, more private beach, then you may enjoy Lohsamah Bay. There are also more exotic beaches here. If you are looking for wildlife on the island, you will definitely enjoy going to Monkey Beach. You will be able to share this great beach with native Thai monkeys. The Phi Phi Islands also has great rock climbing. Its numerous cliffs make this a great activity for climbers of all skill levels.

Hong Island

Hong Island is another major destination that tourists stop beside the 4 Island Tour. Ao Nang to Hong Island is a shorter distance and reached before you would get to Phi Phi Islands. This journey is usually covered in a speedboat or long boat. Riding into the island is an amazing site, passing by tall cliffs as you enter the main beach.

Hong Island is smaller in comparison to the Phi Phi Islands, but you will still find beautiful beaches here. Visitors also less frequent this island. You will definitely see smaller crowds at Hong Island, and this can be beneficial to enjoy more of the beach in private. A multi-island tour to Hong Island will give you plenty of time to get a taste of what the island has to offer. You can be entertained for an entire day while at Hong Island and the tour will let you enjoy the best parts of it.

Hong Island Activities

Hong Island has a beautiful beach surrounded by massive cliffs. This gives the beach a more private feel while you are here. There is a better chance that you will find fewer crowds at Hong Island than the other Krabi islands. This makes it a great place to enjoy many water activities. Some of the biggest attractions of Hong Island are snorkelling and diving. There are many great places to snorkel or dive around the island including along its main beach and along its cliffs for deeper waters. Hong Island is considered to have some of the best marine life out of all the islands due to fewer crowds. You can view all of this and more in the warm, clear water.

Hong Island is also an excellent place to relax and enjoy the scenery. The beaches here are clean, and the water is clear, so it provides a great environment while you are here. Your trip to Hong Island may vary depending on the time you arrive. High tide and low tide can give you different experiences. There is a lot of coral around the Hong Islands with vibrant marine life. Low tide is the best time for getting a closer look. In low tide, you will be able to walk around the island and see a lot of crabs and other water creatures that inhabit the coral. Hong Island also has a restaurant/bar for visitors to stop by If you still have time on the tour after having fun in the water.