Bang Tao Beach – Second Longest Beach in Phuket

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Bang Tao Beach is located on the West coast of Phuket. The beach is a fabulous long golden sandy beach that stretches across the coast approximately 8km (5 miles). Bang Tao Beach is the second longest beach in Phuket.

The waters here are very clear and perfect for all beach activities.
Bang Tao offers an abundance of accommodation to your budget, from top 5-star luxury chalet or beach hut.

Bang Tao Beach has some interesting history behind it. It used to be a tin mining area, which of course brought in fortunes for Phuket as a trade. But after some time, the land came into decline and wasn’t worth much anymore. At this point, it was just a piece of land next to the Andaman Sea.

Bang Thao Beach

Since then, there have been many developments in the way of hotels, and resorts set up on the Beach. Bang Tao Beach started to gain its popularity after opening up one of the biggest fully integrated resorts in the whole of Asia, Laguna Resort. Now the beach is lined up with a wealth of restaurants, and luxury to standard hotels across the 4-mile sandy beach. The accommodation around Bang Tao Beach offers something for everyone. Whether you want to stay in a large resort or prefer to head down to a quieter area is your choice.

Mid Part of the Beach

In the middle of Bang Tao beach lies the massive Laguna Resort. The resort pretty much takes up the entire midsection of the Beach, apart from the sandy bay itself. This section of the beach is the busiest. In the day time, you will find plentiful boats, jet ski’s, sun decks and tourists from Laguna Resort mainly.

Laguna Resort Bang Tao

Northern Part of Bang Tao Beach

The northern side of Bangtao beach is much less developed compared to its southern and middle parts. There isn’t any accommodation in this area. The sea in the northern part is a lot more unforgiving than in the southern part of the beach.

It’s a perfect place to head to if you want to get some quiet time. A lot less touristy, and you will usually stumble upon local fisherman, catching their daily food supply. You can even ask the locals to join in and go off on the boats for some sea fishing. Can be an idealistic setting for some who want to get away from the main tourist attractions of the beach. At night the beach becomes a place of peace and tranquillity. Hearing the waves crashing into the bay, seeing the moon and stars, you could set up camp in some areas and enjoy just chilling next to the Andaman Sea.

Southern Part of Bang Tao Beach

If you head over to the southern part of Bang Tao, you will find flocks of fishermen and some decently priced accommodation. The southern part of Bang Tao Beach also offers some mid-range options for accommodation. The sea is a lot calmer here from the rip tides due to being protected by a cove sticking out in the ocean. This is the perfect place for beginner surfers to head to. It is also a safer spot to go snorkelling as the waters aren’t as rough here.

Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Village

Further inland from the beach, there is a village with some local amenities. This area is predominantly a Muslim area, so if you are heading from the beach, please show some respect. It wouldn’t really be appropriate to head over there in just your swim short or bikini for example. It’s simply inconsiderate and impolite in areas such as this.

You could just spend the whole day walking up and down the entire length of the beach, stopping and relaxing as and when you feel. There are local vendors that usually roam most parts of the beach. This means you can stock up on water and coconuts, ice creams without having to head to a shop yourself. Would be a good idea to bring suntan lotion, though!

Bang Tao Beach Activities

On Bang Tao Beach, you have a vast 4 miles of beautiful white sands, which you can enjoy relaxing or take part in the many of activities the beach has to offer. Fishing trip on one of the boats, Snorkelling in the clear ocean, Jetskiing, Parasailing, Diving, Horse riding and Surfing to name most. The Laguna resort offers a whole host of packages for the residence for all of these activities.

Swimming in the sea and catching the rays is probably what the majority do. Beware to keep an eye on the beach signs, as this will guide you to the safe areas to swim. When there is a red flag up, it is highly advised not to swim in these regions due to the strength of the undercurrent. There are lifeguards situated across the beach, especially in high season when the beach is busiest.

You will also find activity vendors on the beach most days if you are not staying at the resort but would like to rent a jet ski for example. The North, South and mid sections of the beach all have something different to offer. It really is an all in one beach if you are looking just to set yourself up and not do much travelling.

jet ski bang tao

Laguna Resort – Bang Tao Beach, Phuket

The hotel is Asia’s first fully integrated resort development. It is a huge resort set in the middle of Bang Tao Beach. Laguna is situated in over 1000 acres of vast tropical parkland.

It is known as being the top notch resort on the Beach as well as in Phuket. In more recent times Laguna Phuket Resort has attracted so many tourists that it has more a reputation of being mass tourist spot. You can go to Laguna Resort and literally not go out of the complex because it has everything you need in one spot. Restaurants, bars, swimming pool, onsite golf course, spa, beach (Bang Tao) and many other facilities and amenities.

Laguna Resort Phuket Map

On the outskirts of the Laguna resort, it is fairly barricaded with many shops, vendors, and small shacks. Toward the front is the Bang Tao Beach. Further afield you will find more hotel chains, complexes and activity centres.

But in theory, you really do not have to leave for the duration you are there. This is of course very good for the resort business as you will be spending most if not all your holiday money in one place.


Staying at Laguna Phuket

Laguna Phuket comprises of 6 tropical resorts, over 30 restaurants, onsite golf course, spa facilities, and high-quality shopping aimed at the tourists. The hotels in the resort are very high quality, some very luxurious and the price can reflect this depending on where you choose to stay and the type of room.

A typical room in this high-end resort can cost anything from 6000baht per night ($170) to 20,000 + per night ($560). You can stay in one of any of the six resorts and go around the vast parkland to anywhere you want, use any of the facilities and be billed back to your room. It’s like a mini island in itself. It is literally massive.

There is also a huge 1000 seater marquee for meetings, conferences, business talks and parties, weddings. Laguna resort in the high season can become extremely busy, and the exotic rooms book up quickly in anticipation. It is always a good idea to book well in advance if you are looking to stay in this type of room. Failing that, there are alternatives spread around the area, and not far from the beach itself.

Laguna Golf Club

Fancy a day out playing 9 or a full 18 holes? The Laguna golf club which is onsite of the Laguna Resort offers a very nice golf course to play on. Based in the parklands of the Resort, you will be quite amazed by the quality of this course. The course caters for all abilities from beginners to pro’s alike. A standard price here to play golf is 4420 baht ($125). This gives you access to 18 holes, green fee, taxes, water, unlimited use of practice and driving range. You can also rent out golf carts and clubs if you haven’t brought them with you. The course is beautiful, even some of the water pools have boats in them to add to the essence of playing on a tropical golf course.


Phuket Horse Riding Club in Bang Tao Beach

Horse riding in Phuket is available to do at the Phuket International Horse Club based in Bang Tao. Whether you are a beginner, novice or an expert, this Horse Club suits all.

There is a variety of horses from different sizes to ponies for all people and ages. You can choose between lessons, or if you are a confident rider, you can go on horse tours. Horse Tours can consist of horse riding on the Bang Tao Beach, in the shallow waters or along the golden stretch of sand.

Horse rides are split into two categories here, beach and pony rides on the beach and sunset rides. The price is fairly generous, and you will be looking to spend between 1200 baht up to 2200 baht ($33 to $61) per 1 to 2 hours.

Horse Bang Tao

This is a great experience for all horse lovers out there. The sunset ride along the beach can be a very romantic and relaxing stroll if you head out with your partner at dawn.

Horse Club Phuket also offers lessons for complete beginners. The Horse Club offers up to 4 hours of tuition per day, once in the morning for 2 hours and in the afternoon for 22 hours. You can block book 10-hour sessions which are 9500 baht per person ($265). The price is reasonable if you compare it to western prices for horse riding tuition. This also includes Instructor tuition, all riding equipment, water and insurance. Professionally qualified instructors teach all lessons so that you will be in safe hands.


Phuket Adventure Mini Golf

Located in Bang Tao Beach Road, the Phuket Adventure Mini Golf is a fantastic day out for the family. Here you will find a full 18 hole mini adventure golf course to practice your putting skills on. The course itself usually takes an average of 2-4 people about an hour and a half to two hours to complete.

Phuket Adventure Mini Golf

Onsite you will also find a very pleasant restaurant with an extensive menu. The menu comprising of Thai food, burgers, and homemade pizza, that apparently is the best pizza in Phuket. A day pass here typically costs 500-700 baht per person ($14-$19), and you can play golf all day long. Excellent value for money.

You can upgrade package also for more options including transportation. There is also a complimentary drink included. All in all, highly recommended great fun day out for the family, and groups of friends.

Address: 72/44 Moo 3, Bangtao Beach Road, Soi 2, Cherngtalay, Talang, Phuket 83110, Thailand


Saltwater-Dreaming Surf School

Learning to surf – There is no better place than the Saltwater Dreaming Surf School in Bang Tao. The surf school welcomes all levels of experience from novice to advanced surfers. You will head out on the Surf at Bang Tao Beach and catch some awesome waves. La Vida Laguna is another close by surf school offering pretty much the same regarding lessons, equipment and days out surfing.

Bang Tao Beach is known to have excellent surf conditions for beginners and pro surfers. Beginners tend to start at the most southernly point of the beach where the waves and rip currents are more forgiving. For advanced and pro surfers, you can pretty much surf anywhere you choose. The beach is so vast that there is space for everyone here. The northern part of the beach is where the beach is more exposed to wind and swells. This makes for larger waves, and more unpredictable surfing and swimming area.

Other activities near Bang Tao

Close to Bang Tao Beach is a wealth of other activities to choose from. The Anthem Wake Park is only 10 minutes down the road in the neighbouring town. Anthem Wake Park is the first clockwise cable wakeboarding park in Asia.

If you are staying in one of the complexes in Bang Tao Beach, then Anthem Wake Park is a great fun day out to be had.

Xana beach club and Dream Beach club are also quite popular in this area. Check out more info about them in our nightlife guide.

You will also find another golf course, with a full 18 holes, and other small towns and villages with local bars. There are plenty of options so you can always keep yourselves occupied if you need a break from the resort life.

Bang Tao is a beautiful part of Phuket, a tourist hotspot, and can be visited all year round. There are so many activities to embrace in, you could find it hard to decide what to do for the day. If you are heading to Phuket, then Bang Tao Beach is a must to visit, even if its just purely to see this huge stretch of beach.