Kayaking in Krabi

Monday, April 10, 2017 by admin

Krabi province is one of the most beautiful destinations in Thailand. It is located in southern Thailand and is often admired as a natural, untouched attraction of the country. Many people visit Krabi to experience a variety of natural sights and landscapes. It is also popular for it’s proximity to the sea. Krabi stretches all the way to the shores of Thailand and provides access to the numerous beaches right off the coasts. Most of Krabi has been preserved over the years and named as national parks for tourist exploration. One of the best ways to experience nature in Krabi is by kayak.

Kayaking in Krabi

Kayaking is a very popular activity in Krabi. Krabi provides many water systems, including streams and the sea, that are perfect to enjoy via kayak. Some places around Krabi are only accessible by boat. It’s a good way to get around the various jungles and islands in Krabi. Kayaking also allows you to get up close to many of the natural land formations that can only be seen here. You will find many tours around Krabi offer trips to various destinations around the region. Some tours will allow you time for various activities while there, of which many people choose kayaking. Other tours even include kayaking in their itineraries.

Krabi is a major tourist destination and many kayak service providers know that most people have probably never been kayaking before. The great thing about Krabi is that many of the tours will give instruction and provide practice time for learning how to kayak. Kayaking in Krabi is done in nature so there can be a variety of water types that you will be navigating through. Tides are also important to pay attention to while kayaking, which can also change throughout the day. Most tours are guided so the variety is all a part of the fun.

Sea Kayaking in Krabi

Sea kayaking is a particular type of kayaking found around the world. The purpose of sea kayaking is to simply enjoy kayaking throughout open waters and sightseeing place you come across in the journey. This makes Krabi one of the best places for sea kayaking. Krabi is already a scenic region and attracts many visitors to its world-class beaches. Sea kayaking will give you an even better opportunity to see the wonders of Krabi. In Krabi, you will find wide open waters with numerous sights to explore. You will be able to see many of Krabi’s top islands, sea caves, mangrove forests, and much more. Krabi has plenty of specified tours for different areas that are all accessible from the sea.

Best Place to Kayak in Krabi

Kayaking is a great option if you are free for a whole day or even half day. We are all familiar with Krabi’s amazing beaches but there are plenty of hidden gems in Krabi that can only be seen via boat. Sea kayaking is a great combination for fun and adventure. Many of the Krabi Islands can be toured by kayak. With water found in this region is very clear so viewing the underwater marine life is easy right from the surface. Many tours will take you nearby a lot of the steep limestone cliffs. These are good areas for snorkelling and diving to see fish and coral that can’t thrive near populated beaches.

Krabi sea kayaking is also fun for island hopping. There are several large island chains that are all relatively close to each other. You can kayak between each one of them and take some time to enjoy each respective beach.

Kayaking tours are a great option for those less experienced with kayaking. Krabi has plenty of service providers that will give guided tours and include a meal, sometimes at sunset. Kayaking also draws many experienced visitors. Many people also plan their own custom tours of kayak routes and spend time camping out on the beaches before continuing the kayaking journey over the course of a couple days.

Kayaking at Thalane Bay

Thalane Bay is one of the top kayaking locations in Krabi. This bay is located nearby Ao Nang and Hong Island. Thalane Bay has scenic views of all the nearby islands before you even venture into the bay. There are many tours offered for Thalane Bay that many people take advantage of, including whole day or half day tours. Sunset tours are also given at Thalane Bay which will let you witness the amazing scenery looking out over the water at one of the best times of the day. Kayaking through Thalane Bay will reveal its jungles and cliffs which are definitely a must-see.

Thalane Bay Sights

Kayaking in Thalane Bay will take you through many different environments. Thalane Bay has two major lagoons. These lagoons are partially enclosed by the tall cliffs surrounding them creating a wide area for kayaking. Another major attraction of Thalane Bay is its caves. Thalane Bay has a well-known cave called Crocodile Cave, named for the many crocodiles that used to inhabit it. The cave is now clear from them and open for kayaking. You will see naturally formed rock structures inside of it.

Thalane Bay has many kayaking tours that can guide you through its mangrove forest. Mangrove forests are popular in Krabi. The mangrove forest is a large jungle with a river path running throughout it. This is a great place to see the wildlife and plant life of Thalane Bay. The mangrove forest here is home to many monkeys which you can see while kayaking. You can also catch many different lizards, otters, birds, etc.

The water of Thalane Bay is perfect for kayaking. It is very still and clear. Many people also snorkel here because it has a rich underwater life. When you kayak at Thalane Bay, you will be able to see much of it right from the surface.

Kayaking at Bor Thor Village

Bor Thor village is a coastal town in Krabi primarily surrounded by water which makes it a great location for kayaking. Many locals use the surrounding waters for fishing but the water systems can also take you to the many sights of Bor Thor. This is one of the best places to kayak in Krabi because of the variety that Bor Thor has to offer. Bor Thor Village is one of the oldest areas of Thailand and has the caves to prove it. Many tours are available for exploring this village and several tour providers will be able to shuttle you right to the village to begin your kayaking journey.

Bor Thor Village Sights

Bor Thor Village is surrounded by tonnes of natural landscapes with amazing river routes that will take you to several rare sights. One of the biggest attractions to Bor Thor are the many caves available to explore. A major cave that you will arrive at is called Pee Hua Toh. This historic cave actually contains cave art dated thousands of years in the past. This cave was originally used for shelter and some tours provide guided talks to learn more about its history. Kayaking at Bor Thor Village will also bring you to many other caves which you can row right through. There are many cave tunnels with impressive rock formations. One of these tunnels even takes you to a hidden lagoon in the centre of the mountain called Tham Khao Wong.

Bor Thor Village is also surrounded by heavy mangrove forests. These forests have vibrant wildlife that you can catch a glimpse of. Some of the wildlife you can see around Bor Thor are herons, kingfishers, monkeys, and much more. When you begin kayaking from the actual village, you will pass many fishermen. This is a great chance in order to see an abundance of fish swimming right below you.

Kayaking at Talabeng Island

Talabeng Island is quite the view from afar. The entire island is a giant limestone cliff emerging from the water. An upclose view of Talabeng will reveal why it’s a great place for kayaking. The cliffs have many water channels running through it that are perfect for exploring the island right from your kayak. Talabeng also has numerous bays around the island. Many tours arriving at Talabeng Island will take you to all the best parts of the island. You can also enjoy the secluded beaches while here. Nearby the island there are also mangrove forests so you have the best of both worlds when you visit Talabeng Island. The easiest way to get here is taking a boat tour from Ko Lanta.

Talabeng Island Sights

Many tourists that kayak at Talabeng Island take their time to explore the exterior of the island. Kayaking will give you a chance to get up close to the rock formations since the entire island is a limestone cliff. The waterways going through the island will take you to many other attractions of it. One of the attractions are the caves. Talabeng has both sea caves and land caves. Both of these caves are good to explore. One cave known as Them Yai Prasat is recommended to have a guide as it’s a bit more complex to navigate and is a good cave climbing destination. Other sea caves you encounter here will be filled with ceiling high stalactites, developed naturally over centuries.

Kayaking at Talabeng Island is also great if you are in search of unique beaches. Kayaking tours provided at Talabeng Island will give you the opportunity to relax and swim at the best beaches of Talabeng. Some of these beaches include Ao Bon, which is considered the most beautiful beach at Talabeng as well as Talay Waek, which is only accessible at low tide.

Talabeng has plenty of wildlife to see while kayaking throughout its cliffs and mangroves. There are plenty of monkeys throughout the island as well as on its beaches. You will also see many native tropical birds and fish.

Tung Yee Peng

Tung Yee Peng is a big attraction for Thailand’s ecotourism. It is one of the best mangrove forests in the country located on the East coast of Koh Lanta island. The local community within the forest has preserved it for its natural resources which continue to help develop the village today. It has even been nationally recognised for its significance. Tourists are always welcome to Tung Yee Peng and kayaking through the forest is one of the best methods to visit. Tung Yee Peng is home to a vast array of wildlife and plant life that have been naturally preserved. It’s a good experience to see how a community develops within the mangrove forest and still thrives.

Tung Yee Peng Sights

If you have any interest in mangrove forests, then you will definitely enjoy Tung Yee Peng. Tung Yee Peng is a large forest with a calm stream running throughout it. There are plenty of routes through the forest that will let you see a good majority of it right from the water. Kayaking is also the best opportunity to see the coasts and marine life up close as compared to the forest’s walking tours. Tung Yee Peng is open to be toured either individually or with a guide. This forest remains in it’s original natural state so it is undeveloped making it quiet and peaceful. You will be able to enjoy the sounds of the water and wildlife of the forest.

One place to stop by while here is the Floating House Fish farm. The forest community has a restaurant that raises fish, crabs, oysters and lobsters in this natural farm and allows visitors to personally select seafood for their meal. This farm is an isolated saltwater pen for the best conditions for its inhabitants. All those water creatures can be seen in the wild mangrove forest too. The forest also contains animals such as monkeys, reptiles, and birds. Besides delicious food, the fish farm offers fishing and crab catching tours along the mangrove jungle.

Kayaking in Krabi is one of the best ways to spend some of your time while here. There are plenty of natural landscapes and forests to explore. You will have the chance to kayak through lagoons, caves, mangrove forests, etc. Kayaking will take you away from the heavy tourist areas. It’s the perfect way for seeing the unique wildlife and marine life of Krabi.