Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 by admin

Thailand is one of the top destinations around the world to visit. It’s a beautiful country with a lot of great cities and islands to explore. People come to Thailand from all over the world to experience the unique culture and some of the best nightlife you can imagine. Thailand is known for its nightlife, and you can have a great time in almost any city that you decide to visit. One of the best places for a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience is on one of the many Thailand islands. Thailand’s islands are known for having incredible beach parties and entertainment for almost anyone who visits.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a nearby island to Koh Samui, so many tourists come here when they visit. This island is less developed than Koh Samui, so it has a more natural island environment. It’s a smaller island but still, has large beaches to enjoy. Koh Phangan is known for its beaches and nightlife. It often combines the two. The Koh Phangan beaches have white sand and scenic views. The largest beach on Koh Phangan, Haad Rin, has a strip of venues lining the beach so this is a popular destination while on Koh Phangan in both the daytime and night. Koh Phangan is also known for one of Southeast Asia’s largest beach parties, the Full Moon Party.

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is held on Koh Phangan. This party is a celebration of the Moon cycles. Koh Phangan is the place to be every month when the moon becomes a Full Moon. This island is one of the best places to view the Full Moon, and you can now party all night long under the moonlight. The Full Moon party has grown into a large beach party that attracts visitors from all around the world. Every month the island accommodates tens of thousands of party-goers. You will enjoy music from a variety of genres all playing from different stages with live DJ performances. The strip of bars and clubs along the beach all keep the beach stocked with enough music, drinks, and party atmosphere.

Koh Phangan trips from Koh Samui are one of the most common trips that run specifically to join the Full Moon party. These are done with speedboats, but sometimes there is added cost for the party trip. You can also just arrive at Koh Phangan earlier in the day to explore the island before the party starts. The party begins right at sunset, so you’ll get to see this from the beach. This is when the Full Moon rises, and the party will last until the next afternoon. The Full Moon Party coincides with the Full Moon cycle which occurs every month. You can find several sources with an updated party schedule. One of the best ways to find out when the next Full Moon Party will take place is to go to the organisers’ Koh Phangan.

Full Moon Party Beach

The Full Moon Party is located on Haad Rin. This is the biggest beach on Koh Phangan, so it’s plenty of room to host this monthly beach party. There are several stages set up right on this beach. The nearby bars and clubs line the beach and help provide music and drinks for the event. You can choose between hopping between these venues or just party right on the beach. The entire beach is transformed into a dance floor at the Full Moon Party. There is a speaker system set up around the entire beach.

The party activities begin right when you arrive at the beach. You can hop between the different performance stages. DJ’s are coming from all around the world for live sets. You will experience all types of music at the Full Moon Party. You can find variety throughout the beach or in the different nearby bar and club venues.

Koh Phangan puts on a visual display even more than just the partying. You can find many beach performers from fire eaters, fire dancers, or jugglers. They often incorporate onlookers for added entertainment to their stunning routines. Koh Phangan also has fireworks for the Full Moon Party. These fireworks are seen from the beach looking out into the scenic Gulf of Thailand.

Drinks are never hard to find at the Full Moon Party. There are sponsored bar stalls set up around the beach selling all of your favourites. You can also find drinks in one of the nearby venues.

Koh Phangan Half Moon Party

The Koh Phangan Full Moon Party is so successful that it created many new parties inspired by the moon cycle. The Half Moon Party is one of the first to come from it. The great thing about the Half Moon Party is that it happens twice a month, in sync with the two half-moon phases. The Half Moon Party is not as big as the original Full Moon Party, but it’s been growing with every party. It brings on a fresh perspective of the beach party and provides a new venue for partying while on Koh Phangan.

The Half Moon Party is beginning to catch on as a popular party destination as it has been attracting more tourists. Keep an eye out for the half moon schedules for the next party in case it falls on the day of a Thai holiday. It is halfway between the Full Moon Parties, so there is always a constant stream of partying at Koh Phangan.

Half Moon Party Beach

The Half Moon Party can take advantage of a different venue since its size is not yet at the scale of the Full Moon Party. The Half Moon Party takes place in a jungle on Koh Phangan not far from the Baan Thai beach. This jungle has a small clearing in the middle of it which forms the venue for the party. This clearing is outfitted with a sound system and a stage for different DJ performances. The Half Moon Party is seen as being more organised since it’s held in a designated area for the party. There is an entry fee for this party, but you will have drink specials and party perks for the entire night.

The Half Moon Party has the same amount of excitement as the Full Moon Party. There are two performance stages. Each of these stages will feature a different DJ throughout the night. You will get a taste of a variety of music coming from all sides. There are many sponsoring companies to the Half Moon Party at Koh Phangan. These sponsors provide several bar stalls around the venue to provide drinks all night long. The Full Moon Party is nearby bars and clubs that are used for food if needed in the night. The Half Moon Party is more isolated. They also have their food stalls placed around the venue.

You will definitely experience a concert atmosphere at the Half Moon Party. This jungle clearing makes a great venue. The Half Moon Party is an open-air rave that gives you views of the half moon while partying.

Black Moon Party

The Black Moon Party is another Koh Phangan beach party that is held for the New Moon cycle. This party also was established after the Full Moon Party success. This is the newest of the three moon parties. This party is also an entirely different experience than the other two parties as well. The Full Moon Party and Half Moon Party are known for their rave atmosphere and high-energy music. The Black Moon Party is a bit different type of party, suitable mostly for trance music lovers. The organisers describe the event in three words: Peace, Trance, Dance.

The party is held nearby the Half Moon Festival right on the Baan Thai beach. Dates for the Black Moon Party can be followed along with the New Moon phase of the moon cycle. The Half Moon Party happens between the Black Moon Party and Full Moon Party.

The beach has a performance stage that is set up to feature live sets. The smaller beach makes this venue a more controlled party atmosphere compared to the Full Moon Party. This party has more of an underground atmosphere. A bigger emphasis is on the overall party experience than just music. There are various stalls around the beach with food, art, souvenirs, etc. The mellow vibe of the Black Moon Party makes these great for browsing while taking a break from dancing all night. The Baan Thai beach is a good choice of venue because you have a clear view of the sky. There will not be a moon present, but the party venues provide enough lighting to see in the dark sky.

The Black Moon Party will be a different experience as compared to the other moon parties. This is a newer party, so tourists are just now starting to come to the island for this party. Most of these visitors also originate from Koh Samui and come to Koh Phangan just for the party. So far the Black Moon Party has grown to a size of over a thousand people. There are a few bars around Baan Thai that hold their own Black Moon events. These can be explored while partying here but the main event is right on the beach.

The Black Moon Party is a more laid-back environment which adds to the party experience. There is plenty of outdoor space to dance and enjoy the music. There is also space showcasing a more art and creative side of the party. These vendors include art and even glow painting to get decorated for the party. The good thing about being on the beach is that it also will showcase various fire performers throughout the night. These fire performers do everything from dance to jump rope. You can even take part in their show as volunteers are often welcome.

Each of the Koh Phangan moon parties has much to offer for anyone seeking a unique experience in Thailand. The Full Moon Party started as a small get-together planned by tourists. Within a couple of decades, the party has grown to a massive beach party that people adventure from around the world to witness. The Full Moon Party and the Half Moon Party are good options if you want a wild rave setting. These two parties feature multiple DJ sets playing high-energy music well into the next day. The Black Moon Party is a smaller scene compared to the other parties. This party is for a more underground experience.

Getting to Koh Phangan

You can easily get to Koh Phangan from many places around the Gulf of Thailand. It is a very popular island and attracts many visitors. Koh Samui is one of the top places to find trips going to Koh Phangan. There will be tours that stop by the island and also you can find private boat rides going to Koh Phangan. From Koh Samui, you will find most of these trips along the Big Buddha Beach Pier. You can take a longboat or a speedboat. There are some ferries and other boats that operate on a schedule. The Koh Phangan moon party trips are so frequent that these schedules are built around the party times.

Koh Phangan has many options for accommodation to have more time to explore the island. Tourists use these accommodations around the moon parties. Many tour providers around Koh Phangan and the surrounding islands offer packages for the moon parties. These packages allow you to gain admission to the venues, drink specials, and sometimes accommodation in Koh Phangan.

Koh Phangan is the perfect island to host such massive events. Koh Phangan is known for its amazing beaches and provides natural Thai scenery. This is all enjoyed while taking part in some of the best nightlife in Thailand. The Full Moon Party is one of the biggest beach parties that happens in Koh Samui. This moon party brings a music festival to the beach. You’ll get a taste of amazing music and vendors all around the beach. The Full Moon Party has become so popular that it has now created the Half Moon Party and Black Moon Party. These parties are already on track to grow to the large size of the Full Moon Party.