Krabi Hot Springs

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Thailand is famous around the world for its natural beauty. There are many untouched gems around the country including landscapes, beaches, and hot springs. More of these gems are being discovered as travellers from all over the world continue to explore Thailand. Tourists come from all over the world to get a glimpse and experience one of the true remaining natural features of the world. There are many unique places in Thailand to experience nature, especially in its southern region. One destination, in particular, is central to many one-of-a-kind nature experiences. The Krabi region will give you access in all directions to some of Thailand’s biggest natural water attractions.


Krabi Province represents an area in southern Thailand, close to the Thailand-Malaysia border. The majority of the country borders land. Krabi Province stretches along Phang Nga Bay known for its natural beauty. The Krabi Province has a lot to offer, especially for tourists. Some of Thailand’s most famous beaches are located along its shores. In addition, right off of its coasts are a series of islands, all available for exploration by tourists. Krabi is the most popular town in the province. It’s important to note that this province’s primary source of income is tourism. Krabi is a central location to gain access to tours and information about the major draws to the area.

What are the Krabi Hot Springs?

Krabi has hot weather all year thanks to its geographical location. This also has another effect of keeping the natural water temperatures heated. Krabi is known for their hot springs. There are several Krabi hot springs located around the province. These hot springs attract countless visitors year-round to their waters. The hot springs are more than just a beautiful sight. You are also able to swim and enjoy these heated pools. Each spring differs for the best time of year to visit due to high and low tides. The most popular hot springs in the region include Namtok Ron Khlong Thom, the Emerald Pool, and the Than Bok Khorani National Park.

Namtok Ron Khlong Thom

One of the most popular destinations in the Krabi Province is a waterfall called Namtok Ron Khlong Thom. Namtok Ron Khlong Thom provides an amazing setting to enjoy the hot springs. You can find the waterfall in a small jungle not far from Krabi town. This forested area provides much-needed shade to enjoy the springs even in the beaming sun. Over the years, the waterfall has shaped the area into individual “baths.” These baths are filled with natural hot water from the springs and people often compare it to an outdoor hot tub Jacuzzi.

Namtok Ron Khlong Thom is one of the most known tourist destinations for those seeking out the best Krabi hot springs. There are plenty of these so-called hot tubs to enjoy but in peak hours of the day, it’s likely to be filled with other visitors. The best time to visit the hot springs is either in the morning or evening time. Luckily the water will still be warm enough to enjoy throughout the entire day. Having passed through all the natural hot tubs, the water falls into a small lake where it becomes a little cooler. A nice spot to chill after the hot bath.

The waterfall makes Namtok Ron Khlong Thom a unique hot spring. The moment you visit will reveal the reason for its popularity for both tourist and locals. Locals consider the constant flowing of water to be therapeutic both in sound and feeling while in the water. Many baths are carved out by the stream and can vary in temperature depending on how far down the stream you go. This natural feature lets you customise your swimming experience.

Namtok Ron Khlong Thom is open to the public from 07:00 – 18:00 and ranges in price between 90-200 Baht. Keep in mind when visiting these hot springs that if you want to get in the water, there are no changing stations so it’s best to arrive already dressed for the water.  

Krabi Emerald Pool

Not far from Namtok Ron Khlong Thom you can find the Emerald Pool. This pool is another very well known Krabi hot spring. One look at the Emerald Pool and you will understand how it got its name. The Emerald Pool is a large swimming lake with a distinct colour. The water is so clear that it’s a pure emerald colour. Most visitors amaze at the Emerald Pool as it is a sight to enjoy that has been developed naturally thanks to the hot springs.

The Emerald Pool requires a short walk along a constructed path through a jungle before opening up to reveal the lake. The Emerald Pool is also open to the public to swim in. Just as with Nam Ron Khlong Thom, it’s important to make a note of the best times to arrive. As you can imagine, this large pool also gets crowded with tourists and locals during peak times in the middle of the day. The Emerald Pool is truly a clear body of water. You can see quite a distance even underwater.

This is another popular hot spring for visitors because the water can be enjoyed at all times in any season thanks to its heated waters. You can still enjoy the Emerald Pool even without getting in the water. The jungle opening combined with its one-of-a-kind emerald colour makes it a picture perfect setting.

Continuing along the path that leads to the Emerald Pool will take you to another must-see destination. A short walk from the Emerald Pool will take you to the Blue Pool. The Blue Pool also lives up to its name. The waters are a vibrant blue colour with clear waters, just as the Emerald Pool. The Blue Pool is only available for viewing as it is not open to the public for swimming in.

Than Bok Khorani National Park

Those in search of hot springs near Krabi will land in another very popular location about an hour outside of Krabi town.  Than Bok Khorani National Park is more of a tourist draw compared to other hot springs in the region. The national park has much to offer in terms of nature to enjoy. Than Bok Khorani National Park is a rainforest that holds several natural hot spring pools and emerald waterfalls. Right outside of the park, there are several restaurants. This makes the park a great place to be enjoyed all day long.

Many visitors arrive at the park to explore nature. Than Bok Khorani National Park is a rainforest and gives a glimpse into natural Thailand wildlife. Many winding paths and walkways are built throughout the forest to allow visitors the ease of manoeuvring through it. Walking along these paths gives you a great opportunity to see unique plant life native to Thailand. There are also many species of birds throughout the rainforest. You may not be able to see them all but you will definitely hear them throughout your entire visit.

Another reason that makes Than Bok Khorani National Park popular is because of its natural water streams. The water you encounter at this national park is another great example of Krabi hot springs. The streams and pools are open for visitors to swim in. All of the water here reflects an emerald colour. At the streams flow throughout the forest, you will see the phenomenon called the “emerald waterfalls.”

At the national park, you can find a variety of tours that give you a different perspective of it. As you boat along the streams, you will have amazing views of the natural caves hidden within Than Bok Khorani National Park.

You can find Than Bok Khorani National Park between Krabi and Phuket and it is a great stopping point between the two cities.

Nearby Islands

Exploring all of the popular Krabi hot spring destinations is only part of the experience to have while in the region. Once you arrive back in Krabi town, the region’s hub, you will have the opportunity to discover a new part of Thailand. Just off the coast of Krabi are several islands, each with their own unique beaches that are a must-see. These beaches and islands are unlike many areas in Thailand because they require additional effort to reach. Around Krabi town, you will be able to find many tour operators that can take you around to several of the islands to enjoy as day trips. Or if you’re adventurous enough, you can rent your own boat to venture out in. Two of the most popular islands with great features are Koh Mook and Poda Island.

Koh Mook

Koh Mook, also called Ko Muk, is one of the most popular island destinations off the coast of Krabi. This is one of the largest islands in the area. It is one of the most popular islands because it is home to the Morakot Cave, or better known as the emerald cave.

Once you arrive at the island, you will see it has its own local inhabitants and many modes of transportation to get around the island. Along the shores of Koh Mook are a variety of beaches to enjoy secluded views of Thailand. These amazing views make the island a popular location for beach resorts.

The main attraction to Koh Mook is the emerald cave. Morakot Cave is a large enclosed area that contains a secret beach inside of it. The top of the cave is open which allows natural light to enter. The reflections off the clear water create the emerald glow of the cave, hence its name.

When you first see the cave, it’s almost hard to believe that it is a natural creation. Arriving at the cave is an experience in itself. You have the option of renting a boat to float into the cave, or you can swim into it. The emerald cave holds its own ecosystem. Tall cliffs and abundant plant life surround the beach. This will surely give you a different beach experience compared to anything else in the world.

Almost every tour in the region will stop by Koh Mook along the island journeys because of its natural beauty and the fascinating emerald cave.

Poda Island

Poda Island, or Koh Poda, is another one of the larger islands off the coast of the Krabi province. The Island is now a national park and requires admission fee upon arrival here. The island’s beauty still keeps visitors coming daily to experience it.

Poda Island is known for its white sand beaches and clear waters. The island also offers amazing views from any side of the island. Poda Island is the perfect island for relaxation. Visitors come here in order to get away from more heavily populated tourist areas for a more private beach experience.

Even though the island is well known, it is not as tourist-heavy compared to some of the other islands like Koh Mook. There are essentially no real activities to do on this island other than to enjoy the beach. The national park was established on the island as a way to preserve the beaches.

Poda Island is a great representation of the natural beauty of Thailand that is still untouched by many. Several tours also stop by this island during daytime hours to enjoy before continuing onto the other islands in the region.

The Krabi province is known around the world for some of the best hot springs in Thailand. The Krabi hot springs are heated through the entire year. The unique water systems allow for the clear and heated water to flow through the entire region. The best way to visit the best Krabi hot springs is to begin your journey in Krabi town. You can go in either direction to see any of the offerings that Krabi holds. You will quickly see why Krabi is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Most people take advantage of the open pools to swim and get a true feel of the hot springs. Other people simply enjoy the beauty that nature has created. From the emerald waterfalls to the exotic caves to the world class beaches, Krabi province is a must-see destination while visiting Thailand.