Things to do in Kathu, Phuket

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Kathu is the smallest district located in the west of Phuket, facing the beautiful Andaman Sea. Kathu comprises of 3 main locations, which are Kamala Beach, the famous Patong Beach and of course Kathu.

There is a huge variety of activities to occupy your time in Kathu. Thus the place is the main hotspot for tourists.

The west of Kathu has the main nightlife attraction of the whole of Phuket: Patong and Bangla Road. Situated on the coast with views facing across the Andaman Sea, Kathu has some stunning beaches running up the shoreline. All the best beach activities can be found here. Similar to the east coast of Phuket there is every water sports activity you can think of available here.

Things to do in Kathu

For tourist attractions and general things to do, you can not possibly run out of options when you visit Kathu, in either high or low season. Whether it’s a spot of sightseeing, spending a day at the beautiful waterfall, or visiting the famous historical Kathu Shrine.

If it’s more action you are after, you can head down to the go-kart speedway track and test your skills on the tarmac. Subsequently, ever wanted to see what it feels like to shoot a gun at some targets, hone your skills at the local shooting range but just remember to take some ear plugs.

Kathu is also well known for its golfing scene with two of the best country clubs in Phuket offering 18 full holes on luxurious greens, in the tropical climate. Kathu is packed with theatres, comedy club, cabaret shows, museum, and a ridiculous amount of restaurants that would suit every taste from every continent.

Perhaps you are more of the adventurous type, and for this Kathu Phuket offers a fantastic zip-line day out over the tree tops as well as a bungee jump park. Both activities will settle your adrenaline crave.
Lastly, you can head down to one of the best Wakeboarding clubs in Asia to test your balance and skills on a day of wakeboarding. It is unbelievable fun once you get the balance right.

The day and night markets are great fun to head out to, for local street food, clothes, electrics. Actually, you name it the market will probably have it.

Shooting Range Phuket / Phuket Shooting Range

If you ever wanted to test your skills at the firing range, there is no better place than to do so at Kathu shooting range in Phuket. This is one of the best shooting ranges in Thailand, with highly experienced and well-trained instructors at your side. Open from 9 am until 6 pm on a daily basis, and you get to choose from a large selection of firearms to test, from magnums to sniper rifles to shotguns, as well as clay shooting.

Shooting Range

The firing range gives you some different ranges to fire from, ranging from 10, 15, 20 and 50 metres. There is no other place in Phuket, where you can shoot ten rounds of a magnum or shotgun for under 1000 baht – fantastic value for money! You will find Kathu shooting range located literally right next door to the Phuket Wake Park.

Phuket Wake Park

Situated next door to the Kathu shooting range, Phuket Wake Park is the best of its kind in Asia. Housing 13 awesome unit obstacles, full-size main cable, and a reverse winch cable for beginners, and pro riders alike. The cable height is approx 10.5 metres, running around 30 km/h, with a length of 700m. In other words, it’s an ample space for even the seasoned riders who want to practice their skills and tricks.

The Phuket Wake Park not only offers the chance for you to try out and enjoy this exhilarating sport, but it is a great place after to chill out in their awesome chill out zone, with open air bar and a rooftop terrace. The terrace offers and amazing views of the lake.

Phuket Wake Park

The premises also have a good size swimming pool, massage room, restaurant with a selection of different foods from Thai to European and street food. The ambient music around the centre puts you in the right mood to get out on the water and show what you have got. A fantastic day out, and if you want to stay for a longer duration, there is an onsite hotel.

Prices vary depending on what you are looking to do, morning and evening sessions, 2 to 4 or all day rides. All day usage of the park can cost around 1600 baht, whereas 2 hours is around 950 baht. You can also have lessons at the training school here, get personal coaching, rent equipment, and if you are local, perhaps invest in an annual membership. The options are practically limitless, so go and check the Phuket Wake Park out and have a great time.

Kathu Waterfall

The Kathu waterfall and surroundings can be a place of beauty. It is not the same as a waterfall one would typically expect. The waterfall looks more like a series of pools, on different levels, that the water drops down into.

The scenery very much depends on how much water is running through the pools. This is why many advise visiting this particular waterfall in the rainy season (monsoon season) when the waterfall is at is’s full steam.

Kathu waterfall Phuket

Be careful if you attempt to climb to the top, especially when it has rained, as this causes the rocks to be very slippery, so some caution is needed. The location is very nice here, and you have a traditional Thai restaurant with an open kitchen where you can stop off and eat. Kathu Waterfall has been rated nicer than Tonsai Waterfall and Bang Pae waterfall. If you are in Kathu, this is definitely worth a visit.

Kathu Shrine

This place has a great historical background being the first shrine to begin the famous Kathu Vegetarian Festival. Kathu Shrine is a holy place, and respect must always be given here for the holiness. A lovely day out to check out the Thai and Chinese culture. An abundance of statues from spirit Chinese gods to Buddha. A great place to visit. Since its restoration, it is now bigger, and some say much more beautiful and thought after. A lovely spiritual site opened daily from 8 am – 5 pm, please remember to show respect, that goes for any religious, and spiritual sites in Asia.

If you would like to see the Shrine as well as the waterfall you might decide to book a half a day motorbike tour.

Golf Сourses in Kathu

Loch Palm Golf Club

Loch Palm Golf Club is a beautiful place to play golf, situated around the Crystal Lake, which is the largest lake on any of the Phuket golf courses.

If playing golf in surroundings with palm trees, ravines and mountains are your idea of a good day out golfing; then this is the place to head to. Testing your skills through the ravines and trees on both the front and back nine holes is an absolute delight.

Situated near the course itself is a very nice villa and golf resort hotel, where you can enjoy a relaxing beverage after a good game of golf, and stay the night if you wish to do so. Bear in mind, sometimes in high season, you will need to make reservations for certain tee off times due to how busy the course can get.

Phuket Country Club

The Phuket Country Club is known as the finest Golf Course in Phuket, with its long-standing reputation. The course is huge, comprising of 27 holes. Broken down into an old course – an 18 hole resort layout course, and country club course. Which has a 9 hole championship layout. There is also a huge driving range with over 50 bays.


Phuket Country Club has been known to host many Asian championship golf days. The place is very popular with the elites of the sport. Onsite you will also find a golf shop for golfing equipment if you need to buy something.  The course also features a very nice clubhouse to relax and network with other fellow golfers. Phuket Country Club is a must for golfing fanatics who enjoy playing the full 18-27 holes in tropical climates.

There are five more Phuket Golf courses available on the island and you can read about them in our guide to the Best Golf Courses in Phuket.


Loch Palma Golf Course

Football Crazy Golf

Football golf is fantastic fun, and you play with a football, not a golf ball. Located right near the go-kart track in Patong, this is a great place to have some fun with a group of friends. Football crazy golf has the same game rules as usual golf. The game is an 18-hole and 69-par course and it doesn’t require any skill. Everyone can enjoy this sport. Each game lasts for about an hour.

Phuket Bubble Football

Another super fun thing to do is Phuket Bubble Football. It’s a brand new activity on the island that nothing can compare with. It will suit both football lovers and those who have nothing to do with any kind of sports. It’s one of those activities that can build the team spirit, pump up your adrenaline level and just leave you smiling for the rest of the day – all at the same time.

The game is a combination of zorbing and football. All you need to have is a bunch of friends so that you can split into 2 teams. The organiser of the game can come to your place (if you have enough space) or arrange a game for you on one of the partner’s pitches. Run, jump, bash, bump, bubble & roll for your victory! There are also different variations of the game for you to choose from.

Flying Hanuman

Looking for an exciting day out whisping through the jungle in Phuket above the treetops? Head over to the Flying Hanuman, known as Phuket’s ultimate jungle adventure.

This zip lines here are excellent. However, if you have been to the Flight of the Gibbon, then being fair this won’t match regarding length and height. Included at the Flying Hanuman are 28 platforms, 15 zip lines, two sky bridges, two abseil points, and one sky rail.

There are 3 packages you can purchase for your day out here. The most popular one includes a meal and fruit or just fruit. Price for the day is from 3250 baht to 3490 baht. If you are not up for the full course of 28 platforms or perhaps you are with a family, try the 16 platforms option. This option offers eight zip lines, one sky bridge and one abseil point. Either choice you make, you and the family will have a great fun day out.

The zip lines take you above the trees and through the hillside. Thus you actually get to see another view of Phuket rather than just the sun sea and sand. A fantastic forest environment and a fantastic day out. Advisable to take some insect repellant if you are there late afternoon. Being situated in the hillside and jungle, the mosquitos do like to come out and find prey.

Hanuman World

Flying Hanuman’s younger sister, Hanuman World is located about 9 km to the South from its elder sister. The concept is the same, just bigger territory. The park features 30 zip line platforms and boasts of Thailand’s longest tree-to-tree sky bridge. The longest zip line is 800 meters long where you will basically fly for a couple of minutes with a maximum speed of 40 kilometres per hour. The highest abseil point is 40 meters high, just like the Flying Hanuman.

The choice of packages is also bigger. You can select one of the 8 options which include different combinations of the number of platforms and zip lines. Also, a lunch is optional.

Bungy Jumping in Kathu

Looking for an adrenaline rush? The Phuket Bungy Jump is 50 metres high, 165ft, above a lovely natural lagoon which is surrounded by green jungle. There are four different types of Bungy jumps you can do here. The Classic solo jump, water touch jump, catapult jump and a Tandem jump. There are a variety of packages to have a look at. Whichever fits into your choice of Bungy jump and preference to heights. After the jump you will receive a certificate of courage which is definitely a nice touch.

The Phuket Bungy Jump caters for both individuals and large groups. It is advisable to book and check prices depending on the season. Especially if you are in a large group booking. No matter the occasion this will be an exciting day out which will undoubtedly get your heart beat raised.

Go Karting Speedway Phuket

Go Karting Phuket Speedway in Patong is the number one speedway on the island. Not only can you race around the tarmac, but you can go off road too using one of the buggies. There is a good selection of karts and buggies here. From 140cc – 400cc, capable of speeds of 40km/h to 110km/h. Single karts, two seater karts, kids karts and pro-karts. The racing track itself is a distance of around 750 metres. Phuket Speedway is also very popular with the corporate scene. Often being booked up by groups of businesses to compete against each other. Always check bookings before heading out here to plan a day.

ATV Phuket offers some serious off road driving. You will head out into Phuket’s forest plantations, along natural tracks and mud roads. Prices for this activity is reasonable starting at around 1200 baht for an hour on the ATV’s.


Simon Cabaret

Looking to lay back and watch a very entertaining night? Simons Cabaret offers this; it is known as the biggest transvestite cabaret show in the Kathu District. Here you can catch the show twice daily at 7:45pm and 9:30pm. The duration of each cabaret show is around 1 hour 15 mins.

The pure eye candy here from the lavish outfits and amazingly propped upsets, backdrops, and songs worldwide. All of the scene contributes to a highly entertaining evening without a doubt. Simon Cabaret will leave great memories. There aren’t many places that offer what Simon cabarets shows offer. The cabaret is professionally organised and is a true entertainment without any unexpected scenes. Just go and see for yourself.


Round Up of Kathu

A round up of Kathu… simply a fascinating place to visit, with an abundance of activities to do! From day time to nightlife, the place is full of energy, charisma, and historic culture. From a heavy night out in Patong, to a quite sightseeing and taking in the historical culture of the temples and shrines.