Batumi, where Ibiza meets Las Vegas – Visit Georgian Seaside

Thursday, May 20, 2021 Travel Guides by Ani

Georgia is a unique destination with an astonishingly diverse landscape – from mountains to deserts, and from canyons to breathtaking lakes. The best thing about traveling to Georgia is the fact that it offers an unforgettable experience for all seasons. Winter-lovers can enjoy the skiing season at sky-touching mountainous resorts of Gudauri and Bakuriani, whereas fans of summer can head to the pearl of the black sea – Batumi.

All-night raver, blissed-out beach lover, and ultimate playground- Batumi can be all of these and much more. Millions of tourists are attracted to this boho-glam style city with a modest population. In essence, Batumi is a highly entertaining and chilling place to spend a bespoke holiday at one of the city’s excellent hotels. There are numerous reasons why you would choose Batumi over any other destination for summer. However, we will focus on some of the most significant attractions of

Perfect Architectural Mix

batumi architectureMany people say that Batumi is the face of modern Georgia. The city is several century-old and is small enough to walk through the city in a day or two. You could pass through the charming old town with “fin de siecle” buildings and futuristic skyscrapers. The architecture of the town is indeed a juxtaposition of ancient and modern styles with the historical port located in the entrance of the city, serene botanical garden, seaside Batumi boulevard stretching till the very end of Batumi, European squares, and cozy streets and high-class dining areas, hotels and night clubs.

The Weather

Batumi WeatherThe region is distinguished with a warm climate due to its perfect location right next to the famous Black Sea. Thanks to the subtropical climate, Batumi can be a perfect destination for all seasons with mild winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature of the city is approximately 14 degrees Celsius or 57° Fahrenheit. In August, the temperature on average is around 26 degrees Celsius (57° Fahrenheit) making it an ideal spot that is neither too hot nor too cold. The ideal period for sunbathing and/or swimming in Batumi is between May and September with August being the busiest month in terms of the number of visitors.

Breathtaking sunsets

sunset in batumiOne of the reasons why people are in love with this city is its unique synthesis of the mountain and the sea. Batumi is surrounded by an arch-like shape range of lesser Caucasus and Turkish mountains to the east and south, whereas the aquatic Black Sea is attached from the west. The Batumi beaches are famous in the whole Caucasus region with breathtaking sunsets, loud people, and vibrant beach clubs that frequently offer performances from local and international celebrities of the electronic music scene.


Batumi at nightGeorgia is gradually developing as one of the premium nightlife destinations. The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi has even been compared to Berlin numerous times due to its vibrant club scene. Most of the local DJs spend their summer in Batumi to perform on the stages of popular clubs, such as the SOHO night club in Batumi Georgia, The Gate, or Sector 26. The contemporary music produced in Georgia is an extraordinary blend of traditional elements and modern electronic trends. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to taste the unique Chacha cocktail in these clubs. Chacha is a pomace brandy with an alcohol concentration ranging from 40% to 80%.


Batumi foodThe whole country of Georgia is famous for its exotic and distinguished cuisine. The national cuisine has received numerous awards for the past few years and continues to strive. The local recipes have developed over time never losing the traditional outlook and the taste, but at the same time incorporating contemporary elements. Batumi is located in the region of Adjara, which is also popular for its delectable food and wine. The menu at most of the restaurants of Batumi is veggie-heavy with many European and Asian-inspired dishes.


batumi casinosThere is a reason why Batumi is often called Las Vegas of Caucasus. The city provides numerous high-class casinos to its visitors. Most of them are located near the beach and the main boulevard of the city and have millions of visitors every year. Quite a few casinos are found in world-class hotels that flash like Christmas tree lights. The most famous casinos include Casino International Batumi, Peace Casino, Iveria Batumi, Princess Casino Batumi, and Eclipse Casino. Furthermore, these hotels have amazing Spa services that are always busy both on weekdays and weekends due to their numerous services and relaxing procedures.