Bangla Road – Epicentre of Phuket Nightlife

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Bangla Road, Patong, in Phuket is notoriously named for its very energetic and lively nightlife. Bangla Road is a must visit if you head to Phuket. The nightlife is at the top of its game. It is literally packed with a ridiculous amount of bars, go-go bars, girly bars, ex-pat bars, where drinks, women and music are the standard. Bangla Road is quite simply the sex capital of Phuket. If you are a single guy, then the night will no doubt be very entertaining whatever you choose to do.

As soon as the sun starts to set, Bangla Road closes off the traffic. The neon lights and bars start to become lively. The women and ladyboys start to head out and fill the road up. The music from all the bars starts to intertwine with each other. It becomes noisy, fun and energetic.

There are many side roads (called Soi’s in Thai) that lead off from Bangla Road. Here you will find even more bars, and mini clubs packed with girls and lady boys. Some of the best Soi’s to visit are Soi Easy, Soi Gonzo, Son Eric, Soi Crocodile and Soi Seadragon. Soi Seadragon is probably to the most popular road off Bangla Road, with a reputation for the best go-go bars (go-go bars are girly bars).

Bangla Road in itself is an experience to be had. It’s like heading into some kind of fantasy zone. In most other countries, they wouldn’t dare have a place like this. But it’s not a bad thing. It’s just very eye opening. The vibe is lively, and violence is not tolerated. Of course, you will get the odd person who has drunk too much, or who is too loud. But in general, it’s a safe area for what it is.

bangla road nightlife

Police are reasonable who patrol the road at night. You will see them in the grey or brown uniforms. Some are very friendly and helpful. They are just there to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Probably because you don’t get big bouncer type guys at the doors, so need some kind of authority.

Hosts and promoters do fill the street, always trying to grab your attention to come into their club. It is great but can get frustrating at times. This is all part the nature of Bangla Road. You can haggle with them, especially if you are in a larger group. The promotions they offer can sometimes include a free drink, a free shot, a free dance. It’s good to check out a mixture of places, everywhere has women, so that is not a short.

If you want to experience the best of Bangla Road in one night, it’s better to have a local guide with you. There are also bar crawls organised by nightlife professionals who will take you to the best spots and reveal the secrets of Phuket nightlife.

Patong, Bangla Road Drinks and Bar Girls

The drinks in Bangla Road are very reasonably priced in most cases. For a beer you would be looking about 60 – 80 baht. That is just over a $2. Cocktails and whisky can be around 150-180 baht ($5ish). If you do head out to meet women, then be prepared to buy them drinks. Especially if you are talking with a bar girl.

Bar girls here know the game, they are paid to make money for the premises they work in. Making money means bringing in punters to buy drinks. The cost of a drink for a bar girl is usually a bit more than average. When you look at the receipt, you will notice in some establishments – bar girl 30% on top of drink price. If you plan to take a bar girl home, then you will have to pay the bar a fee.

bagla road bars

This varies from bar to bar, but usually between 300 – 1000 baht. Of course, this depends on how busy the bar is, high and low season, and so forth. The bar fine doesn’t include what you would pay the girl to spend the night with you. That can be discussed between you and the lady.

All this may all come across seedy to some, but it’s just normal when you are in Patong. Even more normal when you are drunk and roaming the streets of Bangla Road, Patong.

You can not compare Phuket Bangla Road to somewhere like London, or New York. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen so openly.

Bangla Road Ladyboys

The ladyboys who work on Bangla Road, some are absolutely stunning. When you have had a few drinks, it is very hard to tell them apart from the real girls around. Some look much prettier than normal girls.

bagla road parties

Thailand has some of the best cosmetics in the world, and obviously, this shows just by looking at some of the ladyboys. Beware, it’s not a good idea to cross a ladyboy, they can get very angry. Just keep your wits about you at all times.

Bangla Road is not only bar girls and ladyboys in the bars, but you will get independent girls just trailing the streets. This can be looked at like prostitution if you look at it that way. But when you are in a world like Bangla Road, you are far away from anything you have experienced before on a night out. People do not judge here; it’s an open place to be free. In some ways, that’s what makes the vibe of Bangla Road so appealing.

Yes, you will see older guys with younger girls, this again can be a bit off-putting if you are not used to the setting. In reality, many younger women who work the bars prefer the older guys. The reason being that they would already have a decent backup regarding money. The older guys can be more stable, and can somewhat support the girl. Many Thai bar girls or independent girls look for this in a man.

Bangla Road Street Activities

Bangla Road has some great games based and set upon the street. Challenge yourself with hanging on the bar for more than 2 minutes, and you win a whole bottle of whisky. Can you do this for 3 minutes? Then you get two bottles of whisky. Games are great and fun to play with friends challenging each other, when sober or intoxicated. They are fairly cheap too, costing around 50-100 baht ($2 -$4). A small tip, the bar rotates if you try to reposition yourself 🙂

bagla road party life

The street shows are also a great site, with some fantastic performers performing all sorts from fire-spitting, to magic tricks. Street performers usually show up when the road is starting to get busy. Around the 7/8pm mark, and stay throughout the night. If you start this early and plan to stay the duration, then you have one hell of a long night ahead of you.

Walking through Bangla Road you will undoubtedly come across Ping-Pong shows, and touts are trying to lure you in. Ping-Pong show is very popular for the tourist. It’s something you wouldn’t see elsewhere in the world. To put it simply, it is a show consisting of a woman using items in a dramatic way with her private parts. Yes, it does sound weird and it is, but it’s an experience you won’t forget. Usually, you don’t have to pay to watch the performance, but the catch is, you buy drinks during the show. And the drinks in the Ping-pong shows can be quite expensive.

Bangla Road Virtual Reality

A new thing in Bangla Road that you will see if you head there now is the Virtual Reality machine. This is hilarious to watch, and it is a must see. If you walk past someone having a go, just spend a few moments to watch their experience. It’s even more laughable when they are quite drunk.

Bangla Road Live Music

Aside from the bars, there are some very good live music bars on the road. Playing music throughout the night. Rock, heavy metal, djing, and lots more. A lot of the bands are local Thai. But saying that you do get some big named Asian bands that head there to headline sometimes.

If you are a musician, you can also join in and play on stage. This has happened many times on visits to Bangla Road. If you know how to play the drums, for instance, you can let the band know you want a go. This just adds to the fun and the vibe of the place. You will get a free drink or so at the end of your performance.

bagla road concerts

The most well known live music venue in Bangla Road would be New York Live Music Bar. New York Live Music Bar is renowned for the quality of the bands playing here. This is also one of the only places that are actually free of bar girls. Molley Malones is another great live music bar located near McDonald’s on Bangla Road. You will find mainly acoustic laid back music in here to chill to. If Heavy Metal is your kind of music, then head over to Rock City. Great live Metal bands Fridays and Saturdays.

Bangla Road Nightclubs

Bangla Road is also home to some of the best nightclubs in Phuket, Illuzion and Seduction. It doesn’t matter what time you head out to Bangla Road, be it 3-4 am in the morning, it will still be packed. These nightclubs are awesome, with some very loud music and great lighting systems.
Illuzion, for example, becomes extremely busy at certain times of the night, and it can be hard to get a drink.

The bar area crams up, and to avoid this, it is best to get the attention of one of the walking shot girls. These girls provide shots on the spot, tequila, Jager bombs, sambuca, etc. You will spot them carrying around these bottles, and wearing clubby outfits. These shots range from 150-200 baht ($4-$6), but it is very convenient for a top up.

You will find plenty of girls in here, many of whom come on a night out with friends, or bar girls who have finished working. The prices for drinks vary, beer being the cheapest about 100 baht ($4). Shots, whisky, and cocktails can become quite expensive in comparison.

The nightclubs are a hotspot for ladyboys too. This could be for many reasons. Perhaps to catch drunk guys who literally can not tell as they have their beer goggles on. Ladyboys can be very smart and deceiving, but in general, they are genuinely nice people.

There are other nightclubs around, slightly smaller Tiger Disco, and Lepas Place. But to be fair, if you just want to dance the night away, you don’t have to go to a nightclub. There are plenty of bars and underground bars you can find on Bangla Road.

Another good place to visit is the Ice Bar, which is located at the beginning of the southern end of Bangla Road. It is small inside, and very cold. Jackets are provided. But being in the tropical climate of Phuket, it is sometimes nice to head into a very cold place, even if it’s just for one drink. You come out feeling very refreshed.

Bangla Road Experience

The crowds on Bangla Road are good, and not rowdy. You can easily head out there on your own and mingle in with the people and the girls… Or even perhaps a ladyboy if that is your thing. No one cares, it’s a good feeling to do what you want, but always be respectful. If you respect others, they will respect you.

There are so many places to visit on this road, and you will not visit half of them in a night, let alone a weekend or even a week!

Although Bangla Road has this aroma and sex vibe about it, it is in fact a brilliant night out! It’s not for someone who doesn’t have an open mind and is too conservative or judgmental. Bangla Road Phuket is, without a doubt, the most absurd place you can visit during the night. To enjoy this place, you need to shut off some thoughts and just go with the flow. Everyone is human, and everyone is up for a good time, that is why they are here!

Complete guide to Phuket Nightlife

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Phuket Thailand has an incredible nightlife. There is always something to keep you amused. No matter if it’s the bright neon lit street bars, the clubbing scene of Bangla Road in Patong, Karon and Kata, or quieter wining and dining in Kamala.

If you are more of a show type head over to Kathu and enjoy one of the Cabarets shows that are on every night. Or perhaps head down to Rawai for a spot of night fishing with the locals on a long tail boat. Or simply jump in the sea at Kata beach and look at the stars above. Make sure you swim in between the swim signs, as the rips can be extremely dangerous!

Phuket’s Nightlife centre is in Patong, Bangla Road, but spreads out throughout the districts. Phuket is the hotspot for most tourists, so each individual place has its own nightlife too, with its own experience to be had. Many party goers like to head to Phuket due to the ease of access to the other party islands. For example, Koh Phangan which is famous for its Full Moon parties is only a boat ride away.

The choice of things to do is extensive, and you will always find entertainment to suit your taste. Phuket is the destination choice for most tourists heading to Thailand for a good reason. The island is located on the South of Thailand surrounded but the beautiful Andaman Sea.  Featuring amazing white sandy beaches on all sides of the island.

A popular and distinctive outing which would, in fact, take you off the island completely would be to check out the large club on a Catamaran, named Hype. Located on the west side of Phuket. Mainly a day venture with a return just after dawn. With this trip, you get to see the stunning sunset, while in the crystal clear waters, sipping champagne if you choose, to some rather chilled out music played by live DJ’s on Deck.

The seven main scenes of Phuket Nightlife, are Patong (with Bangla Road), Phuket Town, Kata Beach, Kamala Beach, Kathu Beach, Rawai Beach and Chalong Bay. The distance between them is nothing more than 500-700 baht (£10-14) in a taxi, even cheaper but longer if using a Tuk-Tuk.

Types of Phuket nightlife spots

Phuket Nightlife has an overwhelming variety of bars and night clubs. Go-go bars, girlie bars, Beer bars, Ooh-Wee bars, ladyboy bars, expat bars, traditional Irish and Australian bars/pubs (farang bars). And of course, some huge neon underground night clubs such as Illuzion just to name one in Patong, at the end of Bangla Road.

Go-Go Bars

These establishments are what some would call a mini nightclub/bar, where you will find featured girlie dancers. The girls usually dance around the bar, and on the podiums or platforms of the bar to set the mood for the customers. These bars are found in the red light district, but they are not restricted to this type of area.

Girlie Bars and Ooh-Wee bars

Girlie Bars and Ooh-Wee bars are similar to go-go bars. But they are quieter bars situated on the outskirts of these towns, that don’t have the go-go bar dancers present. Thus the bar has quite a calmer ambience about it. However, the girls will still be shouting from the bar, if they spot you. They will invite you to come in and join them for a drink, this is where the term Ooh-Wee comes from if you listen carefully.

Expat Bar

Expat bars are establishments where you will meet local farangs (foreigners with a Thai pronunciation), who have moved to Thailand. This is a local place, can be a bar, whisky joint, or simply a pub. All these types of venues are spread across the majority of Phuket so where ever you are; you will never be too far away. Phuket is not that big, hence you can always use a tuk-tuk to head out for the night. Nonetheless, make sure you know where you are going.

Ping Pong Shows

Have you always been curious about the Ping Pong shows? – Bangla Road in Patong can answer to your curiosity, and you will see what this is all about! Ping Pong shows are not for the feint hearted, the displays here are graphic, and some consider it not to be morally correct to have such shows.

Life music bars

If you are looking for something a bit out of the way and slightly more laid back, check out Freedom bar or Sanchai bar at Rawai beach, for live music entertainment and plenty of girlies and lady boys. Head down to the peacefulness of Kamala Beach of an evening for a chilled, relaxed meal in one of the many cuisines.

If it’s a quiet bar you are looking for, just to have a beer and play some connect 4 or Jenga (you will find many bars have this). You are better off going to the ex-pat joint. The games will help break the ice and meet some new people.

If you prefer the livelier scene you should head down to Patong, Bangla Road. Here you will have bar upon bar, clubs upon clubs, girls upon girls. Even the street itself is like a club during the night with the amount of people there and the loud music coming from all the different venues.

phuket nightlife

Phuket Town Nightlife

If you are looking for a night out but not on the same level as Patong for instance, then heading over to Phuket Town is a great option.

Much more laid back, with a somewhat relaxed atmosphere. There is a fantastic ambience in Phuket town, where you can really grasp the culture in some places. Phuket town is situated away from the main tourist’s hotspots. Thus, you won’t get huge amounts of loud people hustling the streets at night compared to that of Patong Bangla Road. However, you can still enjoy a very fun filled night at one of the local larger music style pubs, and night clubs. You will find that in Phuket town, the majority are local Thai people and ex-pats.


A place to visit while you are in Phuket Town for an evening, would definitely have to be Aphrodite. It’s a ladyboy cabaret show, enticing, and great fun, with two restaurants, a Japanese and a Chinese one, and a brewery for a taste of beer!

phuket party

Kor Tor Mor

Fancy something a bit more lively? – Kor Tor Mor is an upstreet nightclub and one of the few nightclubs in Phuket that actually have a formal dress code. The night club has a variety of music, from Live Thai bands, to local DJ’s, and it’s a fantastic place to meet locals here.

Rocking Angels Blues Cafe

Rocking Angels Blues Cafe is an awesome live music venue situated in Phuket town, and if you are a musician yourself, you are more than welcome to join in with the live performances.

Other live venues like T2 Live Music and Music Matter are great places to head to in Phuket town for live performances. If you are after something a slightly different to all this mentioned, then head over to the rather hidden away Ka Jok See Restaurant located on Takua Pa Road. Very different from what you are probably used to, the portions of Thai food are vast, and the owner here is quite the entertainer, let’s leave that there.

Bang Tao Nightlife

Bang Tao Beach area is a very popular destination for tourists. It is most popular for its high-end beach style night clubs.
Being situated on the west coast of Phuket, and viewed upon as having some rather ‘classy’ upmarket venues. When you come here for a night out, you will notice quite the difference when compared to a night out on the streets of Bangla, or Kata, or Karon.

Dream Beach Club

Dream Beach Club, located right next to the white sands and the sea in the northern part of Bangtao beach, hosting a selection of DJ’s throughout the night playing different genres of music to suit all tastes. Two large swimming pools, and four bars, with an ample amount of seating and floor space to dance the night away.

parties in phuket

Catch beach club

The nearby Surin beach is just 5-minutes drive to the South from Bangtao. It used to be the epicentre of beach clubs and trendy chill zones, up until most of the venues were demolished in April 2016. It turned out the clubs were illegally built here and there was no way to legalise them other than demolish and get all the permissions from scratch. As a result, a whole bunch of beach clubs like Catch, Bimi, Zazada and some others just disappeared.

Clubbers headed towards nearest beaches and clubs, like Xana, Bliss and Dream Beach.

Apparently, the Catch beach club turned out to be the most renowned of them all. And in December 2016 it’s taking over Bliss beach club further down Surin beach.

So if you’re in Bangtao area, it’s totally worth the ride. If the name of Catch beach club doesn’t ring a bell, you should definitely check it out. But if it does…you know what to do.

The new location is again right next to the sea, with a two storey open building, a swimming pool, and a large decked area under some palm trees. This is one of the busiest venues in Phuket, with great music and a perfect atmosphere to enjoy mingling, or just to relax and chill out taking the view in. A Day Pass gives you an exclusive package of a VIP SunChair, Umbrella, a branded towel and a huge pillow. Grab a drink and enjoy your day!

Xana Beach Club

Xana Beach Club, another hugely popular beach club located on BangTao beach, with a very stylish look, a fantastic selection of European cuisine. Sometimes, you will get international DJs playing here to set the mood.

fun activities in phuket

Siam Supper Club

Looking for something slightly different perhaps? Head over to Siam Supper Club, a luxurious fine dining restaurant that hosts live soothing jazz music, and a lavish range of Thai and European dishes.

Bang Tao, has everything one could want for a posh night out and set in paradise. The place has a very clean and upmarket feel to it, but of course, there are still a few girly bars spread around. That is just a tradition now in Thailand.

Patong Nightlife

Looking for a hedonistic party scene in Thailand? Look no further and get yourselves down to Patong Phuket for a night of craziness.

Depending on where you want to go, Patong has numerous different types of nightlife to explore, of course, one being the famous road called Bangla Road/Bangla Street Phuket.

But if you are looking for something more on the quiet side, then this is also possible, perhaps a romantic dinner near the sea. You will need to go a little further to find this, specifically to the outskirts of Patong, away from the busy crowds.

Patong is worldwide known for its crazy nightlife, where the streets literally come alive at night with music from all angles, insane street performers, enticing girls, and ladyboys.

Patong Boxing Stadium located in the heart of Patong beach offers daily live fights. It’s a very popular activity among those who are planning to venture out on the streets at night. Live fights take place in the evenings on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Places to go in Patong Phuket

Patong is the MAIN place to head out to for an incredibly unforgettable experience (bearing in mind you can still remember after a heavy night of drinking). Patong Beach front, street markets, small beach front bars, music bars, crazy nightclubs and the Patong night market all offer a unique one in a lifetime experience. A list of very popular places are below, and you will find them all in Patong Phuket, mainly in and around the famous Bangla Road.

Simon Cabaret

This is probably the most popular cabaret on the island. A show at Simon Cabaret can be a good warm-up before a long night out in Patong. Dreamed of taking a picture with a ladyboy? Here you can do it right after the show when the whole cast eagerly poses for the pictures with the guests.

Paradise Beach Club & Paradise Complex

Paradise Beach Club & Paradise Complex, you will need to check dates, but Paradise Beach does offer Full Moon parties on the beach at certain times of the year. Attracting swarms of people to one of the nicest beaches in Phuket for a festive night of dancing under the stars and next to the sea.

Rock City Live

Rock City Live music venue is a great place if you are into your heavy rock music and heavy metal, based right in Patong Beach.

Molly Malones Irish Bar

Located next to Patong beach, this pub is a great place if you are looking for a pint of Guinness. On top of that, a fantastic place for decent pub grub, a huge selection of beers and ales. You will also find some excellent live music to chill out too.

Soi Sea Dragon

Is the hottest street outside of Bangla Road, approximately 100m long, with near on 50 bars. Some of the more popular bars on this road is Exotica (a go-go bar), Club Lover (Karaoke and girlie bar) and Devil’s Playground which to many is the best but the naughtiest go-go bar on the strip! Moulin Rouge Bar you may come across on your walk through Soi Sea Dragon is a strip tease bar where you will find it inundated with girlies. Sometimes a good starting point due to being located right at the start of the road.

Patong Beach Club

This place offers an excellent selection of wines, cocktails and tapas.

Roots Rock Reggae Bar & Shop

Again based on Patong Beach, is a very chilled out place (chilled out for Patong), playing reggae. Sometimes even live reggae music if you are lucky, and they also have a monthly barbeque for all you jerk chicken fanatics.

Love nightlife Phuket

Give you exactly what it says: a love filled nightlife experience. With a rooftop pool, it is another favourite spot to chill out purely because of its location above the busy streets of Patong.

Numerous places are not commercialised, and you will not find out about until you head down to Patong yourself to see.

Bangla Boxing Stadium

If watching live Muay Thai fights are your thing, then head down to the famous Bangla boxing stadium. The stadium is situated opposite Banzan street market, next to Jungceylon shopping mall.

Live matches are held every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. If you want to learn more about this amazing sport read our Complete Guide to Muay Thai in Phuket.

Bangla Road

If you are simply looking for an unforgettable night out in Phuket, the main place to head to in Phuket is Patong, Bangla Road. Jam packed with bars, clubs, insanely loud music, a ridiculous amount of girls, ladyboys, ping-pong shows, and so much more… Bangla road starts to liven up from late afternoon, and in most cases, does not stop until the early hours of the morning, next day.

Live music, thumping loud tuk-tuk with subwoofers inside, neon lights everywhere, some crazy outfits, but all in all, a genuinely friendly atmosphere. Bangla Road is certainly an experience you will not want to miss, even if the exciting night scene is not your cup of tea, it is highly recommended to visit this place just to see what it is all about.

The price of beer is reasonably cheap here, and you will find many a club/bar hostesses/promoter trying to get you into their bars, with incentives such as buy one drink get one free, etc. Aside from these promoters, you will also have the girls who work at the bars and clubs that literally pull you in from the streets by grabbing your arm, and some can be very enticing. If you don’t want to go in, just be polite and say you’ll return, always works….The bars and clubs are situated right next to each other, so makes for a lively and loud atmosphere.

Bangla Road Bar Crawl

If you feel up for a crazy bar crawl, then join the Bangla Road bar crawl. During this activity, you will meet people from all walks of life who are just up for a good time. You will take in the experience while on the way to becoming very intoxicated with alcohol.

The crawl will take you from bar to bar, and club to club along the Bangla Strip. You will be drinking local beer, an unlimited amount of shots, and join in on some fun drinking games. All of that whilst speaking to all the girlies and hostesses of the bars/clubs as well as participants of the bar crawl.

It’s a great experience, with all the best venues handpicked for you.

Bangla Road is packed full of street performers and side shops. Those shops sell anything from souvenirs to full tailored suits and shoes. Don’t be surprised when you see many ticket touts, ladyboys, and in general plenty of girls which add to the element of a wholly entertaining and somewhat different night compared to that of a western night out.

Around the main Bangla Road, you will find packed side streets (Soi – this is the word used for street/road mainly in Thailand). These streets are full of bars, shops, more notable establishments, restaurants, smaller bars, some underground nightclubs, ping pong shows, and many go-go bars. You could spend all night and here and barely touch the surface of the place.

Many hostesses on Bangla road are ladyboys and may find it very hard to tell the difference between some of the ladyboys in comparison to the girls. Bangla Road is the epicentre for a night out in Phuket without a doubt. Just remember to respect their culture as things can get somewhat confronting, and you will be fine.

Best Places to visit on Bangla Road

Bangla Road itself explains all, and is packed full of places to go to. Hence, the best thing to do is just to get yourself down there and see for yourself which sites and venues suit your taste.

Further afield, but still on Bangla Road, you have the largest and best nightclubs in Phuket. The clubs are Seduction Complex, Illuzion and Tiger Disco. These nightclubs are the biggest in Patong, full of thumping music, neon lights, and multiple floors. The drink prices are pretty reasonable in here too, anything from 50baht (£1) upwards for a beer, and 150baht upwards for spirits, cocktails and so forth.If you enjoy dancing the night away, these nightclubs are the place to be in Patong – Bangla Road.

These nightclubs are the biggest in Patong, full of thumping music, neon lights, and multiple floors. The drink prices are pretty reasonable in here too. Anything from 50baht (£1) upwards for a beer, and 150baht upwards for spirits, cocktails and so forth. If you enjoy dancing the night away, these nightclubs are the place to be in Patong – Bangla Road.

Illuzion nightclub

Illuzion is one of the biggest nightclubs on the island with a capacity of 5000 people. The night club has four international resident DJ’s as well as eight international dancers who work on their each performance to make a night spent at Illuzion unforgettable. The performance is coordinated by the European choreographers and the program changes very often. Illuzion is undoubtedly one of the best night clubs in Phuket and even in the whole of Thailand.

clubs in phuket

Tiger Discotheque

Tiger Discotheque on Bangla Road is one of the venues managed by Tiger Group. They are famous for their tropics-inspired interior designs. Whenever you’re walking down the street and see giant tigers sticking out of  You won’t miss a Tiger club or restaurant

White Room Nightclub

White Room is one of the most decent clubs in Patong. Not to be mistaken for the White Box which is another night club further down the road from Patong to Kamala! The crowd includes many expats as well as tourists. The club features a spacious dance floor, VIP zone and a VIP balcony. As the name prompts, White Room interior design is mostly white. And of course, White Parties with all-white dress code are quite common here.

phuket b ars

Seduction nightclub

Seduction nightclub was opened back in 1997 and it quickly became one of the top locations in Phuket and the whole of Thailand. The nightclub has four floors each of them playing different music and have its own atmosphere. The best DJs from around the world come to Seduction to play their sets. The nightclub is open seven days a week, year-round, so no matter when you are visiting you can go and spend a night in Seduction.

Bangla Road Ice Bar

If you feel the need to cool down? Head over to Bangla Roads Ice bar, where it’s below -0 degrees, and have a few drinks. This will certainly change your body temperature from the heat consumed on the streets outside! Very pleasant, but beware the drinks can be somewhat pricey in here. Purely because you are paying for admission fee on top, and the bar can only fit so many people at one time.

Kathu Nightlife

Kathu located on the West side of Phuket is the smallest of the three districts that make up Phuket as an island. The old village of Kathu is relatively less commercialised compared to Phuket town for instance. Kathu is rather a communal town, but it still offers a wealth of activities to every taste.

Kathu has fantastic markets day and night, where you can buy just about anything. You will find everything you need from local delicatessen through to barbeque insects, to clothing.

Kathu is perfect for a night out in one of the many restaurants located around the area. You should go and check out the Royale Nam Tok, (house by day, fine dining by night). Perhaps a meal at the Thong Dee Restaurant. Trying out world class cuisines consisting of Thai home made specialities, Mediterranean and Swedish selections.

There are a few bars around, but in comparison to the other destinations mentioned in this guide, they are fairly quiet. For more information on Kathu read our Things to do in Kathu, Phuket guide.

Kata Beach Nightlife

Kata beach, a haven for surfers during the low season for its waves. While a hot spot for tourist during high season. Due to Kata’s gorgeous beach made up of white sand, and clear water, surrounded by a line of palm trees on the road side it’s truly a vacation paradise.

You will find an abundance of things to do here day and night. Basically any souvenir you will be looking for in Thailand can be found in Kata. Mainly, due to the numerous shops and night markets spread across the town. You will be spoiled for choice with eating out here. The place is a food galore. The restaurants include everything from traditional Thai cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Italian, through to European western foods.

Nightlife in Kata is fantastic, but definitely not as heavy as the hedonistic scene in Patong Bangla Road for instance. There is a vast range of bars which are mainly situated on the back road of Kata. The road runs parallel to the beach road. This street at night does come alive with many girlie bars, shops, street vendors and a few ladyboy bars.

The beachfront next to Kata Beach is pretty much dominated by Club Med holiday type of resort. Bear in mind that these venues are not nightclubs and may close early.

The Surf House Kata

One of the favourites for locals and tourists at Kata is The Surf House. The Surf Hous is located right on Kata Beach front. Great music, a wave ride system (similar to an inclined pool but with wave formation) allow you to test your surf skills and balance out after having a few drinks. It is seriously good fun, even watching your friends giving it a go, and falling off losing balance is highly entertaining.

To sum it up a great selection of inspired food, and generally a fantastic atmosphere. Apart from the particular back road mentioned the place is pretty much family friendly.

places to go in phuketBest Places to visit in Kata

The back street parallel to the beach street (beachfront) is where you will find the nightlife here.  Crammed with bars, food joints, and entertainment. The Surf House and a large choice of restaurants to suit your tastes. Nonetheless, Kata is more of a peaceful place and not really a party hub.

Kamala Nightlife

Kamala’s nightlife is even more laid back compared than of Kata, Karon and of course Patong and Bangla Road’s nightlife. Kamala has some very nice beach bars right on the side of Kamala beach. In those places, you can enjoy a beer, cocktail and some light entertainment be it girls or sports.

Wondering through Kamala village of an evening time, you will come across a variety of small local restaurants to feast your eyes upon. Kamala is host to some fantastic 5-star resorts. The beach also has a large friendly beer garden, two sports bars, a few small pubs, and a rock and roll bar.

A quieter place than its neighbouring party places, but still enough to warrant entertainment for an evening for most visitors. Bear in mind you take a 10 min taxi (tuk-tuk) down the road to the louder scene at Patong Beach.

Best Places to visit in Kamala

Kamala Sports Bar is a nice casual and cosy place for watching live sports on screen.Kamala Beer-garden is a friendly chill out hot spot. Finally, Aussie Pub Kamala offers a range of for traditional ales, good pub grub, and ambient atmosphere.

Karon Nightlife

Karon is known to many as the little sister of Patong (and the famous Bangla Road). The nightlife can offer many things that Patong offers, just on a smaller scale, and without the ping pong shows. A plentiful amount of bars which is the centre point for the nightlife in Karon, just off Patak Road.

You will have a lot of fun here, and the girls who work at the bars make it very welcoming. There are a lot of girlie bars here, and most stay open very late, almost up until dawn, so you won’t run out of things to explore and do for the night. If you enjoy live music, head over to Karon Aussie bar, and Kenny’s Aussie bar.

Best Places to visit in Karon

Karon Plaza, consisting of many bars, restaurants, massage parlours and guesthouses. This place comes alive at nighttime, with the streets lit up, the bars put on the music.  The girls and hostesses line up to bring in any passing customer. If you are in Karon, you must visit the Karon Plaza. Not as heavy as Patong’s Bangla Road, but you wouldn’t expect it to be due to its smaller L-shaped size.

4U Skybar Nightclub

4U Skybar Nightclub, a fantastic bar located on the rooftop, with a huge selection of cheap cocktails. The bar also features a pool to chill out in, or cool off from the tropical climate.

Bangla Plaza, a selection of mini sized open sided bars. All of them with many hostesses (girls and ladyboys mixed), music, pool tables and well-priced drinks.

Angus O’Tools

Angus O’Tools, a very popular Irish pub for its international ales and beers. The pub has a huge sports screens for popular sporting events i.e. football, with a genuine all round pub feel. This place will make many tourists feel more at home as if it were in your own country. A great selection of pub food is also on offer. For more information on Karon and it’s night life read our Guide to Karon.

Rawai Nightlife

Rawai, not often mentioned in the majority of Phuket guides as a town to visit for Phuket nightlife. Nonetheless, it is worth a visit if you are close by and would like to explore the sports scene. Rawai is located on the southern tip of Phuket. On the Rawai beach road, you will see a stretch full of bars.  The rest of the bars are located throughout the village away from the main beach road. Rawai has many local bars, some quiet, some are very busy, so it’s a nice selection.

There are a mix of restaurants too in the village, including some very exotic seafood restaurants to eat at. Nikita’s is perfect if you like lobsters and fresh seafood. Da Vinci’s world class Italian restaurant situated about a 5 min drive from Rawai beach, close to Nai Han gym. As well as many other local restaurants serving Thai and European menus.

Barwise you have Freedom and Sanchai bar which are the two main ones. They are also located on Rawai beachfront. If you fancy putting on your dancing shoes, you can head over to Laguna’s or Ikon nightclub. Both places will keep you up to early hours of the morning no doubt.

A quiet village mainly, but when the night is upon us, Rawai does become quite lively. Bear in mind most of this takes place at the Rawai beachfront. There is a decent mix of girly bars combined with ladyboys throughout Rawai.  Especially on the main road leading down to the beach. The scene here is somewhat dominated by Muay Thai. Thus of a weekend, when training is more relaxed, it becomes quite lively and entertaining.

The complete guide to Cheow Lan Lake

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Escape to one of the oldest rainforests in the world, not far from Surat Thani and home to 5% of the world’s species – Khao Sok National Park. Deep in the succulent thickets of this 300 million year lowland jungle, known as the wettest spot in Thailand, you will be delighted to find Khao Sok’s emerald jewel – Cheow Lan Lake.

About Cheow Lan Lake

This magnificent man-made lake covers approximately 185 square kilometres. Emerging from the cool water are limestone karsts, traces of a coral reef system that once stretched from Borneo to China. These dramatic limestone formations, some of which reaching an impressive 960m, are dense with cycad palms that have thrived since the dinosaur-era and host a spectacular array of life.

Cheow Lan Lake tourism

Cheow Lan Lake formed in 1982 by a shale-clay dam called Ratchaprabha. Since its tucked away in the thickets of Khao Sok National Park – an area that remains relatively untouched and protected. Therefor the environment thrives and teems with magical biodiversity. The scenic body of water stretches its klongs (Thai word for river or waterway) inland reaching out for the rocky ridges and crags.

Klongs (waterways) of Cheow Lan Lake

There are several klongs sprouting from Cheow Lan Lake. Klong Ka is the easiest to get to being the closest to Ratchaprabha pier. Highlights here include travelling past the mesmerising Gui Lin viewpoint boasting many of the jutting limestone karsts. As well as easy hikes on flat terrain, enveloped by mountains and tall lush grass. This is the home of Pra Kay Petch cave, also knows as Diamond cave, one of the best in the park with awesome stalactites and stalagmites, and many bats.

places to see in Cheow Lan Lake

Klong Pey

Klong Pey is 2 hours from Ratchaprabha pier. Here you will find some of the best trekking along the trail to Nam Talu cave (January – April only). Journeys to this massive, almost 1km cave are often made at night when nocturnal life is aplenty. With a headlamp strapped to your brow, splash through waist-deep water in the cave keeping an eye out for nightly visitors like bats, spiders and crabs. The valley surrounding the cave has an interesting history as it was used as a sanctuary for foot soldiers and communists.

Klong Yee

The third waterway, Klong Yee is remote and secluded and falls within the wildlife sanctuary, along with its neighbour, Klong Wong. This means it features abundant animal life against a peaceful backdrop of water and jungle – ideal for kayak trips and nature safaris. Another highlight is a gorgeous waterfall hike (April to December) and a walk to the Krai Son viewpoint that overlooks a breathtaking valley.

Klong Saeng

Klong Saeng is Cheow Lan’s north-western waterway and was once Thailand’s largest river before the lake was made. It is the longest trip, nearly 3 hours by boat, but so worth it. This wildlife reserve requires special consent (and an extra fee). A park ranger will lead you into the natural riverine setting where you have a good chance of spotting wild elephants and deer.

Klong Mon

Klong Mon is distinguishable from its many elevated hills and valleys. This is a fantastic choice for bird-watching with its peaceful rocky outcrops. Often spotted here are Grey eagles and hornbills. There is a trail from Klong Mon to Klong Saeng but you need to notify the Khao Sok park ahead of the time as you need to be accompanied by a ranger.

Klong Mon is also an awesome spot if lure fishing is your sport! Get your adrenaline pumping and ask about snakehead fishing. Three types of snakehead are abundant in Khao Sok waters and the crowds of immersed trees make an excellent labyrinth for these predatory fish with their snake-like heads and sharp teeth. Other fish predominant in this area include jungle perch, mahseer and catfish. Cast-off from a long-tail boat while the sounds of the lake hum around you, a memorable catch for anyone who loves fishing.

Klong Long

Klong Long is the most popular and busiest klong due to the quick hike and raft ride to Coral cave (also known as Pakarang cave); boasting coral fossils over 10 000 years old. Also a 2.5 hour trek through deep jungle will lead you to the southern tip of the curve showcasing an impressive viewpoint.

Things to do on Cheow Lan Lake

We have the ideal selection of activities on Cheow Lan Lake to choose from. Not only will you explore the lake by boat, and go on a jungle adventure on our Cheow Lan Full Day Trip but you will also visit a local market. This is part of a community initiative allowing resident families to profit from the tourism in breathtaking Khao Sok National Park.

Long Tail boat cruising

Gllide effortlessly across the tranquil water on a long-tail boat. Grab your camera as a Peregrine falcon soars the blue heaven, taking his pick from the shoal of silvery fish darting in the cool water below. Peaceful trips on the lake make it easy for you to spy on indigenous life that inhabits this sanctuary.

Keep an eye on the leafy trees for sudden swinging movements; it may just be a long tail macaque monkey or a naughty long-armed gibbon. You may even spot a wild boar with his thick curved horns or large sambar deer. If you’re really lucky, catch a glimpse of the Malay sun bear – the world’s smallest bear, basking in the warm glow of the sun.

Bird Watching

So you’re an avid twitcher? Our Cheow Lan Lake Full Day Bird Watching Tour may peak your interest. There is no shortage of magnificent birds to see in Khao Sok National Park, with over 180 species of birds occupying these bushy crags including twelve species of kingfisher in various vivacious colour, hornbills and even the shy Great Argus.

Overnight Stay

If you have more time then the Cheow Lan Lake 2 days, 1 night Trip may be for you. The thriving jungle boasts a wide display of discoveries – birds, insects, amphibians, wildlife and even rare flora. Khao Sok National Park is home to the world’s largest flower – the Rafflesia. The beautiful red flowers of this unique plant reach an incredible diameter of 75cm.

On a night trip, you are definitely in for a treat! As the sun disappears and the love calls of cicadas emerge from the thickets, be on the lookout for nocturnal creatures like the adorable slow loris, and maybe even a clouded leopard! Float beneath a blanket of stars as you hear bats flying overhead looking for an insect snack.


If you’re keen to dust off your hiking boots and head off for an adventure trekking along winding jungle trails in search of viewpoints, swimming holes, waterfalls and caves then the Cheow Lan Lake Wildlife Explorer Tour may be right up your alley!

Popular wildlife highlights of this adventure include wild elephants, sambar deer and the awkward pig-looking tapir.

How to get to Cheow Lan Lake

There are a few options when making your way to Khao Sok National Park, depending on where in Thailand you’re coming from.

When you disembark from your transport – local taxis will be waiting to take you to the entrance of Khao Sok National Park or if you’re up to it you can take a scenic walk.


If you’re flying from Bangkok, the closest airport is Suratthani. Phuket airport has a bigger selection of flights, and although Krabi airport is the same distance to the park, getting there via public transport is a little more complicated.

A one-way economy flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani costs about
฿1500 – ฿3000 (depending on season and time of flight).


Bangkok to Surat Thai, there are several trains every night but the 19:00 train arrives in Surat Thani at 6:00 (but please note these trains are often delayed).


Getting to Khao Sok from Surat Thani is simple; there are also regular bus services from Phuket that stop in Khao Lak and Takua Pa.

Bangkok Southern terminal (Thonburi district) – Bus leaves at 18:40 and arrives 4:30. Cost ฿520. The bus stops in Ban Ta Khun, 10 minutes’ walk from the Khao Sok office (where you can purchase tickets to the lake) but because it arrives early, you will have a lengthy wait for it to open.

Takua Pa – Bus leaves every hour between 6:00 and 18:00 and the journey takes 1 hour. Cost is ฿40 – ฿60 depending on the class of bus.

Surat Thani – Bus leaves every hour between 6:00 and 18:00 and the journey takes 2 hours. You will be dropped at the access road to Khao Sok along Route 401 and will have to walk to the entrance. Cost is ฿120.

Phuket – Bus leaves every hour from 6:00 am until 16:00 and the journey take 4 hours and includes stops in Khao Lak and Takua Pa. Cost is ฿160 – ฿180 depending on the class of bus.

The Khao Sak National Park gate is 1.6 km from where you’re dropped off on Route 401. To catch the bus back to Surat Thani or Takua Pa, simply head back to the bus stop on Route 401.

From Takua Po it is possible to transfer to buses to Bangkok, Khuraburi, Khao Lak and Phuket.


A minibus is better known in Thailand as a van. They are easy to book from where you’re staying or at your closest minibus terminal.

Bangkok – Leaves 15.00, journey takes 11 hours. Cost is ฿700.
Ko Lanta – Leaves 8:30, journey takes 5 hours. Cost is ฿700 including boat fare from the island.
Ko Pha Ngan – Leaves 7:30 and 13:30, journey takes 8-9 hours. Cost is ฿650 including boat fare from the island.
Ko Phi Phi – Leaves 8:00, journey takes 7 hours. Cost is ฿750 including boat fare from the island.
Ko Samui – Leaves 7:30 and 13:30, journey takes 6-7 hours. Cost is ฿550 including boat fare from the island.
Krabi Town / Ao Nang – Leaves at 8:30 / 14:30 and 16:30, journey takes 3-5 hours. Cost is ฿450.
Surat Thani – Leaves at 6:30 / 7:00 / and then every hour until 16:00, journey takes 1.5 hours. Cost is ฿250. If you’re heading to Surat Thani airport, the cost is ฿300.

Private taxi

Private taxis heading from the South mainland are easy to book. A standard motorcar can fit around 4 passengers while a bigger car can fit about 6 passengers with a spacious trunk (also depends on luggage).

Approximate cost per car: Takua Pa (฿1500), Khao Lak (฿1700), Surat Thani Airport (฿1700), Krabi Town (฿2500), Ao Nang (฿2800), Phuket Airport (฿2500).

Car hire

You can hire a car from Surat Thani airport with a standard economy vehicle costing about ฿700 a day. Most vehicles have GPS and the entrance to Khao Sok National Park is easy to find. GPS coordinates 8°56′12″N 98°31′49″E.

Getting to the boat pier from the Khao Sok entrance is a breeze as the lake is close to the entrance. Many local taxis are waiting to take travellers to the pier or it’ll be inclusive in your holiday package. For perspective – a 3 hour trip from Ratchaprabha pier will get you to the lake’s furthest waterway in the north-west – Klong Saeng.

Cheow Lan Lake Accommodation

Scattered across the expansive lake, you will notice rows of bungalows reflecting serenely in the water. In your free time, grab a kayak and explore the remote Cheow Lan Lake on your own.

Watch the day melt into the distance and replaced with a fiery sunset. Delight your taste buds at an authentic restaurant as you feast on local Thai dishes using fresh seafood and vegetables. Wash it down with a local beer while being serenaded by the calls of nature.

After a fantastic night’s rest, wake up to a rosy dawn and the sound of gibbon monkeys echoing from the misty outcrops. Take a refreshing dip in the warm water before starting your adventure for the day. These floating houses may be booked as part of your tour, or private hire – depending on your itinerary.

There are various levels of comfort and affordability when selecting accommodation for your stay on Cheow Lan Lake. Booking is crucial as bungalows are subject to availability and prices are approximate and vary according to season. Dry season, perfect for hiking, is between November and May while the rainy June – October season is ideal for splashing around in bursting waterfalls.

Traditional Accomodation

Budget and eco-friendly bamboo raft houses that are mostly family-run, providing an authentic Thai-hospitality experience. Embrace the elements and unwind on a low bed in a back-to-basics thatch-roofed, bamboo house with hand-woven walls that blends perfectly with its natural surroundings. Approximate cost from ฿400 – ฿500 a night.

Krai Son Raft House

Krai Son Raft House offers basic but charming bamboo bungalows situated near Klong Yee and offers spectacular views of the lake, a bar lounge, complimentary kayak, a diving platform and an excellent chance of spotting wildlife.

Ton Toey Raft House remains one of the oldest raft houses on the lake. Expect traditional Thai-style bamboo raft houses with a backdrop of lush green jungle. A night visit to Nam Talu cave is easy from this location. Facilities like free kayaks and a bar lounge are also available.


Nang Prai Raft House

Nang Prai Raft House is located around the central point of the lake, and offers incredible panoramic views. These raft houses are situated near the Nam Talu and Diamond caves.


Modern Accomodation

Middle comfort bungalows made of concrete or wood that include benefits such as raised beds, electric fans and modern walkways. You will also be pleased with a bar and/or restaurant. The approximate cost is ฿600 – ฿1000 a night.

Sai Chon Raft House

Sai Chon Raft House is halfway to the rocky Klong Long bay and provides both rustic wood and modern concrete bungalows. Fantastic views, ideal for families or groups, a popular choice for locals and easy access make this a good choice.


Smiley Floating Bungalows

Smiley Floating Bungalows is situated at the entrance to Klong Pey and is both owned and run by one of the oldest families in Khao Sok. Their facilities include modern bungalows most of which have private bathrooms, and a wonderful restaurant offering authentic Thai cuisine. Close to Nam Talu cave and Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary.


Chiew Lan Raft House

Chiew Lan Raft House is hidden in a secluded alcove on Klong Long, and close to Coral Cave. These bungalows are rustic but inviting with private bathrooms and a diving platform. The raft house is extremely popular with Thai travellers and their karaoke is a must. However, if you require a more peaceful evening, selecting alternative accommodation is advised.

Klong Ka Raft House

Klong Ka Raft House is in a remote area at the southernmost tip of the lake. It offers farmhouse-type family-sized bungalows as well as 2-person bamboo huts. Rooms are basic but lovely and this part of the lake boasts access to fishing gear, bamboo raft safaris and hiking access to Diamond Cave.


Plern Prai Raft House

Plern Prai Raft House is almost half way up Klong Long and is easy to reach. There is a choice between traditional and modern bungalows, set amongst limestone karsts. Highlights include access to Coral Cave and occasional mobile reception!


Putawan Raft House

Putawan Raft House boasts standard and deluxe rooms. It is ideal for family and romantic retreats and popular with local travellers. Thus, you may even have an opportunity to practice Thai. The raft house offers a diverse restaurant and gift shop and the area is situated nearby both Diamond and Nam Talu cave.


Prai Wan Raft House

Prai Wan Raft House is at the northernmost top of Klong Long and provides charming bamboo houses. The raft house is set against a serene jungle backdrop and is close to Coral cave. Since it is so remote, it is often the location for yoga retreats and health seminars. Anticipate gracious staff, a snack shop and one of the greatest restaurants on the lake.

Deluxe Accomodation

If you don’t feel like giving up your luxury comforts (especially during rainy season when hiking or safaris are difficult) then you may want to check out the deluxe floating bungalows. These raft houses feature hardwood interiors, private bathrooms and often include air-conditioning. Approximate cost from ฿2000 – ฿9000 a night.

Panvaree Deluxe Floating Villas

Panvaree Deluxe Floating Villas are beautifully carved wooden villas that boast both family and honeymoon suites with air-conditioning, hot showers, a kayak per room and satellite TV. In a private alcove, the location is perfect and still close to Gui Lin viewpoint, Coral and Diamond cave. The superb restaurant provides cooked-to-order meals.

500 Rai Deluxe Floating Bungalows

500 Rai Deluxe Floating Bungalows, remotely located in Klong Long, is privately owned and offers a luxury experience. This includes attentive staff, gorgeous wooden interiors, private bathrooms with hot water and air-conditioning. There is also a full bar and excellent restaurant. The resort also offers activity packages together with accommodation packages.


Keeree Warin Deluxe Floating Bungalows

Keeree Warin Deluxe Floating Bungalows are located at the entrance to Klong Yee in a secluded inlet. These premium hardwood 2-storey villas offer a private island, stunning views, fantastic staff, private in-room bathrooms and hot water.


Phupa Waree Deluxe Floating Bungalows

Phupa Waree Deluxe Floating Bungalows are located in Klong Wong and offer a rope swing, diving platform and a lovely two-storey restaurant. Enjoy a luxurious lake experience – stand on your porch and absorb the amazing views especially the sunrise!


Different Tours available on Cheow Lan Lake

Here is the list of different tours and activities available on the lake.

Cheow Lan Full Day Trip

Fairy-tale scenery of towering limestone cliffs and over 100 islands jutting skyward. Cheow Lan Lake is one of the most spectacular places on earth. Take in the beauty, wildlife, and tranquillity of Khao Sok National Park with a day trip to the lake.
During the day you will visit a colourful local market. Then spend the rest of the day hiking through the virgin jungle, swimming, exploring a cave, kayaking, or just relaxing amidst the stunning limestone cliff scenery.

Cheow Lan Lake 2 days, 1 night Trip

An ideal way to really enjoy Cheow Lan Lake, this 2 day 1 night tour. The tour includes a 3 hour boat ride into the heart of the lake. Feel humbled as you pass the magnificent limestone karsts into the jungle of Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary. While on the lake or trekking through the jungle, spot indigenous species, such as the Malay sun bear or the introverted Great Argus.
Head back to your floating bungalow for some free time. Before a dinner of freshly-caught fish from the lake. You will look forward to retire to your bed where you’ll feel lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of nature.

Cheow Lan Lake Full Day Bird Watching Tour

Grab your binoculars and uncover the magnificent birdlife fluttering around the river. The many sweeping fields, the jungle or Cheow Lan Lake’s Klong Sang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Learn fascinating facts like unique bird behaviour and distinctive calls. Look forward to spotting hornbills, pittas, barbets, sunbirds, bee-eaters and up to twelve species of kingfisher in assorted vivid colours. If you’re extremely lucky you may even spot the very shy Great Argus!

Cheow Lan Lake Wildlife Explorer Tour

Explore the jungle. This 2-day, 1-night tour will take you deep into the lake, go on an adventurous jungle hike. You may spot sambar deer, hornbills, and the wild guar buffalo. Rare wildlife such as elephants, sambar deer, and tapir are also popular here.

Take a 3-hour boat ride through the spectacular limestone formations to the pristine jungle of the Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary.Then, a delicious dinner of fresh fish from the lake is ready to wrap up your day. You will fall asleep in a lovely floating bungalow to the symphony of gentle sounds from the jungle.


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Catalonia is a region in northeastern Spain where the old fashioned and the most trending lifestyles have come together. The resonance from the stones of the century-old streets and the waves of the Mediterranean sea, bespoke nature and the sun all year round, brilliant gastronomy and Mediterranean passion make Catalonia one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Europe. Go to Costa Brava for spectacular beaches. Get to see the legacy of Gaudi and Dalí that has become the icons and made Catalonia a prominent European art spot: peerless architecture from Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the monastery of Poblet in Tarragona are the must-sees. Catalan Pyrenees and the National Park of Aiguestortes are the dream of mountain lovers. In winter it’s a destination for snow tourism. During the rest of the year, people come here for the biodiversity of the local flora and fauna.

places to see in catalonia

Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai is known to be the countries north capital and the real escape from the hustling and bustling south. Chiang Mai is one of the most culturally significant cities in Thailand, and it still retains its old town built between 12 and 17th century. Due to its mountain location, Chiang Mai is surrounded by beautiful national parks and jungles with caves and waterfalls. Hiking, climbing, kayaking and white water rafting, sightseeing tours, cooking classes and cultural exchange programs are all a part of many things you can do in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the only place in Thailand where you can interact with elephants cruelty-free, as there are numerous elephant rescue centres and volunteer parks located here. People like Sangduen “Lek” Chailert do their utmost every day to save elephants and raise awareness around the world about elephant abuse in Thailand and all over the world. If you are an animal lover and would like to spend time with elephants Chiang Mai is the best place for you to do so.

places to see in Chiang Mai