Best places to stay in Batumi: Ultimate Beach Resort Guide

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 Accommodation by Ani

Batumi is the largest seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The city has justifiably gained an unrivaled reputation for the best summer destination in the Caucasus region. Together with its rich vibrant culture, never-ending sun-soaked beaches, and authentic architecture, Batumi is a favorite choice for a lot of travelers of any budget. The best thing about the place is that there is no shortage of unique, exclusive, or cheap options for where to stay in Batumi. Different parts of the city offer varying paces of excitement, adventure, and sightseeing checkpoints. Anything from couples’ retreats and quiet suburbs for chill vacations to massive villas for families with children and luxury spa resorts can be found here.
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Best Places to Stay in Tbilisi Georgia – Ultimate Travel Guide

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 Accommodation by Ani

If you have never been to the mesmerizing country of Georgia, we recommend that you start booking your flight tickers tight away. The most visited country of the South Caucasus region is located where Europe meets Asia. The country takes the best of both worlds and offers the unique fusion of the millennia-old traditions and modern international trends. This perfect blend is perfectly illustrated by the accommodation options that the visitors to the capital of Georgia get. The capital city Tbilisi is often compared to Berlin due to its vibrant lifestyle, entertainment, and highly developed infrastructure. Luxurious hotels, quiet getaway spots, and cozy family villas make your stay a truly unforgettable experience.

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Winter wonderland on top of Georgia – Gudauri Georgia ski resort

Sunday, June 13, 2021 Travel Guides by Ani

Set at just over 2000 meters above sea level, Gudauri is one of the highest and the most snow-sure ski resorts in the Caucasus region. Its breathtaking landscapes and gnarly terrain make the winter-lover tourists put Gudauri on their bucket list destinations. This small, pedestrian-friendly town is attracting millions of visitors every year and represents the perfect getaway for the skiers of both beginner and advanced levels. Gudauri’s oozing alpine charm and various types of runs along with the numerous entertainment options make it a family-friendly haven.

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A secret paradise up in the mountains – Svaneti

Monday, May 31, 2021 Travel Guides by Ani

The highest location ever recorded for the human settlement in the whole European region can be found in the spectacular remote corner of Georgia – Svaneti. Placed in the heart of the central Caucasus Mountaneous range, Svaneti is protected by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. It is not only the unusual and secluded location that makes the region stand out among the top travel destinations but medieval features and the belligerent culture of Svaneti.

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Explore the Cradle of Wine – Kakheti

Saturday, May 29, 2021 Travel Guides by Ani

Winerists are constantly looking for newer destinations to explore the tastiest and the most extravagant wine locations around the world. Almost every continent and every corner of our planet offer unique and distinguishing tastes of wine. Wine enthusiasts are not expecting simply delicious drinks, but also an extraordinary adventure. However, it is extremely rare to come across a place that is equally beautiful, rich in wine history, incredibly tasty, and cost-efficient at the same time. One of the most enchanting and premier wine regions is located on the merge of Europe and Asia in an ultimate haven of the winery, Georgia.

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