Georgia Country Tourist Attractions – What are the MUST see places?

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 Travel Guides by Ani

There are many unique places to visit in Georgia countryand each has its own story and beauty. However, there are quite a few locations that have been receiving the spotlight of international travelers. Since Georgia has an abundance of diverse landscapes, historical sites, both antique and modern museums, tremendous cuisine, authentic architecture, and vibrant nightlife there are a lot of options that you can try while visiting this small but mesmerizing country. We will be covering the top activities and must-see places in Georgia in greater detail so that you can enjoy the very best of the country!

No matter whether you are a single traveler, traveling with a family, or having a week of entertaining holiday with your friends in Georgia there are plenty of unusual things to do in Georgia country.The abundance of activities and sightseeing tours make Georgia one of the most joyful destinations at every season of the year. You can go up in the mountains for extreme activities, go to the seaside to chill, tan, and relax, or stick to the capital city of Tbilisi for vibrant and lively night outs, parties, cultural trips, and the best of the local cuisine! History and nature lovers can also visit the underrated regions of the country with ancient ruins and archaeological sites. Let’s dig into discovering Georgia as your unforgettable destination for this year!

Tbilisi and its Old Town

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They say you should always visit the capital cities of the countries where you are traveling.  This is true for Georgia, as well. Apart from being the capital of the country, Tbilisi is one of the largest and the most developed cities in Georgia country. It has a history that is several centuries old and hence its architecture is either medieval or Soviet with distinct traditional features.

When visiting Tbilisi you should head towards the Old Town – a medieval city center with narrow streets, cozy balconies, European vibes, and multiple small cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. The old town is the most colorful part of the city, as well with the lively neighborhood and friendly hosts on every corner. Most of the 17-century houses found in this area can be visited, as well, if you come across a host chilling on the balcony overlooking the streets. You can purchase a walking tour around the Old Town and old districts of the city with an experienced local guide usually speaking English, Russian, and at least one European language (commonly French).

David Gareja monastery

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David Gareja monastery complex is undoubtedly one of the most popular Georgia country tourist attractions that visitors can’t get enough of. Located at the border of Azerbaijan and Georgia the complex was founded in the 6th century by one of the thirteen Assyrian monks. The complex was engraved in the mountains, in small caves until it grew bigger and bigger to become one of the most important religious and cultural sites of the country.

David Gareja cave monastery complex was abandoned for quite some time as it was a primary target of all the foreign invasions. Since then some of the monks have returned to the monastery, but only a few made it their habitat. Guests will often enjoy driving around the David Gareja desert which is a unique landscape attracting millions of tourists every year. The most common activity there is Jeep Tours allowing travelers to climb the mountainside of the desert and enjoy the mesmerizing views from up there.


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Borjomi has been one of the best relaxing places to visit in Georgia even during the Soviet times. Many notable literary figures used to spend their holidays in the region for several reasons. One of the primary attractions of Borjomi is its abundance in mineral waters and ideal conditions for medical tourism. The climate of Borjomi makes it a perfect destination for those struggling with lung or blood diseases. The region features hundreds of different mineral spring waters that are mainly used for curative purposes.

You can visit any of the famous Borjomi Spa or Wellness centers and try mineral water treatments that are highly beneficial for diabetes, chronic gastritis, kidney stones, respiratory and metabolic disorders. Apart from being one of the premial medical destinations, Borjomi also has an extremely beautiful landscape. You can talk a cable car above the Borjomi National Park to enjoy the breathtaking views of evergreen mountain forests.

Canyons near Kutaisi

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Another premial tourist attraction in Georgia country is a region near Kutaisi city with mesmerizing canyons – Okatse and Martvili. They are located in different places and offer a different experience. You can walk over the massive rocks in Okatse canyon and stroll through the air bridge with a unique panorama of the surrounding area. The canyon reaches 100 meters in its deepest point portraying the vast view over the area. The trail from the canyon passes through the royal Dadiani historic forests which are 780 meters in length.

Martvili Canyon, on the other hand, is located more on the ground compared to the above-the-sky experience of Okatse canyon. You can take a short boat tour in Martvili canyon, which used to be a bathing place of the royal family of Dadianis. You can start a tour on 700 meters of circular hiking trail with 2 bridges overconnected and a 30-step historic limestone staircase. You can also get involved in diving in the canyon and explore the deep beautiful environment underwater.


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We have a whole separate article dedicated to Batumi traveling since there are numerous things to do in Batumi and sites to visit. Batumi is one of the premial seaside resorts of the country and attracts millions of tourists each year. It is located on the Black Sea coast and offers moderate weather every summer, which is best for avoiding extreme heat but is enough to tan and enjoy sunny days while chilling on the rocky beaches of Batumi. You can take a walk on Batumi Boulevard and take part in various entertaining activities on your way. Or you can visit the high-class restaurants and cafes that are scattered everywhere in the city.

The best way to enjoy Batumi is to rent a bike and cycle around it. Batumi is a very tiny resort which makes it possible to get from the beginning of the city till the end on a bike in less than 30 minutes. The city is essentially the best resort to visit in Georgia both in the summer and early fall seasons. The temperatures will range between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius from the end of May to late September. There are multiple options for diving, parachute jumping, trekking, hiking, hunting, and fishing. You can also go camping in nearby historic locations, such as Gonio Fortress and Queen Tamar bridge.